Now that really is built to lend a hand! Ford is pitching in to help.

Now that really is built to lend a hand! Ford is pitching in to help.

Ford is joining Tesla and GM in the production of medical supplies, working to create and test face shields and partnering with 3M and GE to create ventilators.

With the increasing need for masks and ventilators and short supply in mind, Ford has decided to do their part to help 3M to increase their output of “powered air-purifying respirator” (PAPR) masks. The companies are using off-the-shelf parts in their new design in order to speed up the process. The new design leverages fans used to for cooled seats in Ford F-150 trucks as well as 3M’s HEPA air filters and portable battery packs. The design for these “new-generation PAPRs” is still in the works but Ford hopes their involvement could help boost 3M’s production of the masks.

Ford is also working with GE’s health care division to create a “simplified version” of their ventilators. Ford is offering to produce GE’s ventilators at one of their manufacturing sites in addition to their GE production locations.

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