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Customer Success Stories

See how companies, like you, are successfully managing industry challenges with xTuple.


Creamer Metal Products Inc.

xTuple Helps Creamer Metal Products Inc Cut 50% of Unnecessary Expenses

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Cedarlane Natural Foods

xTuple Saves Cedarlane Natural Foods More than $50,000 Post Implementation

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FayTech, Ltd.

xTuple Helps faytech, ltd. Improve Operational Efficiencies


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Kemp Electric Supply

With xTuple ERP, Kemp Electric is able to service customers better, faster and easier

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Nordic Naturals

xTuple Provides Nordic Naturals Powerful Data & Transaction Processing Capabilities


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EMSEAL Joint Systems, LTD Improves Operations & Scalability with xTuple

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Cordeck Building Solutions

Helping Manufacturers Grow with Technology


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Xikar Doubles in Size Thanks to xTuple Efficiencies

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Pelco Component Technologies

Electronic Manufacturer Grows High-Value Jobs and Gains Competitive Edge

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Thymly Products, Inc.

xTuple Helps Thymly Products, Inc. Manage Inventory, Improve Product Traceability, and Speed Up Collections


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Romey, Inc.

Frustrated with QuickBooks, Romey, Inc. makes the move to xTuple

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"We needed a more reliable, powerful and flexible ERP system that would allow us to take full advantage of what modern technology can provide. ‘Go-live’ was achieved within 90 days thanks to both the user-level and developer-level support. Overall, we just run more efficiently, and data is more visible and accessible to everyone on the team with xTuple."

IT Manager
EMSEAL Joint Systems


"Most small to mid-sized companies cannot afford the more expensive ERP systems out there, but they do need a system. What set xTuple apart from the start was how solid the functionality was for the price. xTuple's offering was clearly the best value."

General Manager
Creamer Metal Products


"When we added the xTuple inventory control module, we weren't just adding a system, but changing the company culture and creating new procedures. Traceability is absolutely required in the food industry. A lot of the ingredients we use can get converted when in the finished product. You have to trace across those lots. xTuple does that for us very well."

IT manager


"'Whatever it takes' is the motto and a quarter-century ago when the company was founded, we solely manufactured metal deck products so we had a slightly smaller audience. Since then, Cordeck has acquired a more diverse product line allowing for more specialized product, Cordeck Innovative Floor Solutions™. This has allowed us to expand our services to additional unique customers.”

Sales Associate


“...we like having all of our systems talking to each other. We looked at other solutions, but they were ridiculously expensive and complicated, like SAP. xTuple was the first one we found to fit a small to mid-sized manufacturer like us.”

President & CEO
Pelco Component Technologies


“One of the most cost-effective business tools we use day-in and day-out to run our operations is xTuple. We have the flexibility to extend the functionality to meet our needs; we're not constrained by the software. All of our products are made-to-order; that’s thousands of different configurations of our products — and they all require a quick turnaround for us to stay competitive. Using xTuple has helped us run and grow our business.”

Operations VP
Magna-Power Electronics


“We've always been customer-focused. ISO was a logical next step to improve on that focus and ensure we continue to consistently achieve the highest levels of quality and service. xTuple’s integration [integrated operations across all departments and several remote locations] was key in facilitating our move to ISO.
For example, we make significant use of the incident tracker to manage non-conformance issues related to suppliers and customers. In one place we have a complete history of the issue, who was involved, when, and how it was resolved. We saw another return on investment (ROI) when it was time to get our ISO certification.”

Richart Distributors


“...and by the way we planned to use xTuple – and actually do use it on a daily basis – those processes were already in place. Without xTuple, we’d still be writing procedures, testing and figuring it all out [in order] to get our ISO certification."

Materials Manager
Pelco Component Technologies