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xTuple delivers inventory solutions for growing manufacturers

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Make smarter business decisions

Gain insight like never before with at-a-glance dashboards — see where your growth opportunities live

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Map your current workflow to identify points of failure — see where your potential profits drain away

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About Us

xTuple's Mission: Help manufacturing and inventory-centric companies use management software and best practices to grow their business profitably.

Manufacturing best practices and new innovations

Lean manufacturing, workforce management, process improvement and automation are rolling out in the world’s best facilities. xTuple helps you identify ways to innovate, maximize manufacturing profitability, optimize plant floor operations and establish standardization across multiple manufacturing facilities.

  • Respond to rising product costs through manufacturing innovation
  • Benefit from an optimized workforce, improved staff productivity
  • Connect product lifecycle, manufacturing cost and your supply chain
  • Drive down staff headcount, plant discrepancies and inefficiencies
  • Drive better innovation company-wide, across all departments
  • Enhance innovation and growth through disruptive technologies
  • Nurture new talent to push traditional boundaries, build skills
  • Examine how manufacturers can use continuous improvement
  • Reduce cost of manufacturing error, scrap/waste and backlog
  • Develop flexible and adaptable lean manufacturing systems
  • Spur efficient productivity using advanced technologies and trends
  • Use data to drive planning, design, supply chain, customer support

What are the different types of Manufacturing?

  • Critical challenges faced by manufacturers differ by manufacturing mode. Use this handy glossary to determine what type of manufacturer you are and your key performance indicators (KPIs).


ROI Calculator

  • How do you estimate the Return on Investment (ROI)? What methodology should you use before the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system? Companies who identify their possible ROI — before the start of their new project (and measure it continuously throughout the implementation process) — stand to gain the most benefits. Plan before you buy. Download this simple financial model.

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Manufacturing KPIs: What you should be measuring & why (and how to leverage your ERP to do it)

Learn how to best leverage your ERP system to measure productivity, performance and profitability.


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