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Manufacturing drives the global economy; from the simplest industrial process to the most advanced technologies. We focus on our areas of expertise and where we add the most value.

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Our customers rely on xTuple to manage operations, streamline supply chain processes and grow their business profitably.

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Built by operations experts with functionality added for modern, and modernizing, manufacturers. Scales as you grow.


Find out which features and requirements you need for your next software solution, to achieve your desired growth. Let's schedule a short phone call and discuss your goals.

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Manufacturing Technology Powers Industry

  • The tools of modern manufacturing magnify the effort of individual workers and give an industrial nation the power to turn raw materials into affordable, quality goods essential to today’s economy.


Save time and money — Automate and integrate all manufacturing and back-office processes into a single business system

If you take sales orders, schedule production, maintain inventory shipping/receiving records, and ensure all financial data is synced, then xTuple solutions can deliver huge improvements in the effectiveness of your organization. What can you expect?

  • Reduce inventory costs, balance investment with customer demand
  • Make critical (costly) business decisions using real-time information
  • Speed business processes to be more efficient and more productive
  • Eliminate information silos for overall company-wide improvement
  • Support growth with flexibility to address changing business needs
  • Turn leads into sales to grow your pipeline and your revenues
  • Track customers and buying habits to improve sales and service
  • Define business processes and ensure supply chain compliance
  • Balance workload based on existing orders and forecast future orders
  • Manage complex warehousing, customer returns and complaints
  • Meet project deliverables to stay on-target, on-time, and on-budget
  • Connect every department on the same system, improve communication
  • Protect critical business data using well-defined roles and security
  • Produce accurate, high-quality analysis-based financial reports
  • Eliminate manual processes and spreadsheets, modernize technology
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