About xTuple — the Company

Who We Are

xTuple is a forward-thinking IT innovator, a leader in easy-to-integrate business management software, delivering right-sized — not out-sized — industry solutions to growing manufacturing and distribution companies.

xTuple’s evolutionary approach to helping companies get to the next level of performance helps “bridge the enterprise gap.” xTuple is building a reputation with customers for three (3) things:

  1. Faster deployments
  2. Better-matched enterprise technology options
  3. Affordability

We're turning the business software marketplace upside down, because the massive-footprint, stereotypical ERP / CRM solutions available today are not optimum for many organizations like yours.

Our Mission

Help manufacturing and inventory-centric companies use management software and best practices to grow their business profitably. xTuple" — (verb) to grow; to increase exponentially.

Your Leadership Team



Ned Lilly

Chief Executive Officer


Matt Peterson

Chief Operating Officer

Ciara Rogers

Ciara Rogers

Vice President of Product


Elsa Guerrero

Vice President of Marketing


Sarah Spangler

Vice President of Customer Success


Wally Tonra

Vice President of Sales

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