xTupler #2 — The world's first collaborative translation portal for xTuple ERP

Saturday, November 1, 2008

xTupler #2  | November 2008

Dear Community,

  • ¿Habla usted español?
  • Parlez-vous français?
  • Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
  • Вы говорите по-русски?
  • 你说中国?

If any of that means something to you, you're in luck, because as of now, xTuple speaks your language.

We're incredibly excited to announce the world's first collaborative translation portal for xTuple ERP! Read below for details on how you can join in translating xTuple to one of the nine languages we're already working on, or add your own.

That's not all that's new in November: we've also updated our all-in-one installers for Windows and Mac, our hosted demo, and all of our business process demo videos to xTuple ERP version 3.1, the latest and greatest version of the software. And none too soon, since version 3.2 is nipping on its heels (more on that next month!).

Finally, we'd like to introduce Mike Atherton, a man whose voice many of you are already familiar with. He's the xTuple ERP pro behind our popular series of training videos. We thought you might want to put a face to that voice.

So, enjoy this month's newsletter and don't forget to tell us what you think. I read all replies to this newsletter, so bring it on! (Fair warning--product support questions will get a reply directing you to post your issue in the forum. I'm looking for general feedback about this newsletter and our community efforts, etc.).


BC Wilson
Director de los servicios de Internet :)

New Translation Portal Launched

9 Languages Available for Download

Our global community has been hard at work producing translation files in ten languages, including Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, and as of today, Japanese, too.

These translations are in various stages of completion but all can be downloaded and installed in xTuple ERP, including PostBooks, to change the default language displayed.

Just go to the Translation Portal and sign in to see the list of available files. Instructions for using the files are available at the TranslationPortal wiki page.

Please Join the Translation Gang!

The real magic is the Translation Portal itself. We believe it's a first in the open source community: a web-based front end that allows translators to work together online on Qt/Linguist translation files.

Previously, translators had to load the whole file all at once, with the Qt/Linguist tool. Our new, web-based Translation Portal allows multiple translators to work at once, in small discrete pieces that can be checked in and out. It's unique and efficient and it'll speed up the process of cranking out new languages for xTuple ERP.

Visit the Translation Portal Now!

To participate as a translator, please email translate@xtuple.com. Tell us a little about yourself and include your xTuple.org username. We'll give you translator privileges so you can begin right away!

If you'd like to start a new translation project, see our StartingNewTranslation wiki page.

New 3.1 Installer and Demo Database Available

Try Out the Lastest Version of xTuple ERP

We've updated our packaged installer to version 3.1. Our all-in-one installer is a great way to try out new features of xTuple ERP. It includes everything you need to get PostBooks up and running on your Mac or Windows computer--the PostBooks client software as well as the full PostgreSQL database. Linux users, we're thinking you'd still rather install it yourself - but tell us if we're wrong!

To get the installer, visit our SourceForge project page and click on the green Download link.

Demo Database Info

We are pleased to announce that we now offer xTuple ERP version 3.1 as a hosted demo. This is a way to try out the full-featured OpenMFG Edition of xTuple ERP.

If you haven't yet requested a demo account and you would like one now, please go to our Demo Request page and fill out the form.

Current demo users: take a step up!

If you've got an older 3.0 demo database, and have added or modified a great deal of data, we can help you upgrade that database to version 3.1. Or, if you'd prefer, just create a fresh, clean 3.1 database for you (which has additional demo data to illustrate some version 3.1 features). Just drop us a line at sales@xtuple.com and we'll be happy to help.

Business Process Flows Updated

Entire series re-shot in version 3.1

We've updated the series of demo videos that walks you through a complete business process using xTuple ERP.

This series of videos, produced by our training guru Mike Atherton, are a great way to learn about specific features of xTuple ERP.

To see the entire selection of videos, including a great introduction to xTuple ERP, visit our video demos page.


Employee Showcase

Mike Atherton, Dir. of Training

If you've watched the xTuple demo videos, you've heard Mike, the smooth and patient voice behind the screen.

He's also the guy in the front of the room in our classroom training at our Norfolk, Virginia headquarters.

Mike's wealth of knowledge about the industry and his in-depth mastery of xTuple ERP have been the launchpad for countless successful implementations of xTuple around the world, in a diversity of industries, for companies large and small.

Mike is also a private pilot. When he is not a passenger traveling on an airliner to assist another xTuple client, he keeps himself IFR-current in his own airplane.

Demo Guide Updated, Moved to Wiki

Learn Essential xTuple ERP Techniques Using the xTuple Demo Database

xTuple offers a a fully-hosted, private demo database, where you where you can experiment with the software before installing. The demo database contains sample data and it's a great way to learn the basics of xTuple ERP. You can request a demo account if you're logged in with your xTuple.org username and password.

The xTuple Demo Guide has been transferred to the wiki and is in the process of receiving a comprehensive update. The Guide is designed to assist new users of xTuple ERP in learning about the many features of the software. It contains useful getting started information-as well as a more detailed overview of basic business process flows.

If after your evaluation you would like to learn more about how we might help your company grow, don't hesitate to contact us at sales@xtuple.com. And again, thank you for your interest.

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Attention PostBooks Users!

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