xTupler #18 — New Project and Enterprise Editions, Pricing Update

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

xTupler #18  |  March 2011

Dear Community —

There's nothing we like better than introducing great new products.

In case you missed my blog announcing two new additions to the xTuple family, we now have a Project Edition of xTuple as well as an Enterprise Edition. The Project Edition consists of the exciting new Project Accounting package on top of the PostBooks core and fully integrated with the Time and Expense functionality (which remains freely available). Check out the online Project Accounting center for more information; xTuple Project will sell for the same price point as the Standard Edition of xTuple.

The Enterprise Edition of xTuple includes "all of the above" - the PostBooks core, Project, Standard, and Manufacturing - as well as xTuple Connect, the xTuple Web Portal core, and the Fixed Assets Depreciation add-on package. It also includes a 50% discount on any tier of our xTuple Network (XTN) service offering, allowing for xTuple-managed upgrades, offsite backup, database and hosting services. xTuple Enterprise will be our premium offering, with a minimum license of ten concurrent users. If you've been considering some of these other xTuple product and service offerings, it's an outstanding value!

Both the Project and Enterprise Editions of xTuple are available now.

Please visit my blog for more details on these new features, as well as new pricing for all xTuple products effective April 1. Please contact xTuple sales if you'd like to make a purchase before the new pricing goes into effect.

Thanks very much, as always, for your support of xTuple.

Best regards,

Ned Lilly
President and CEO

xTuple Custom Development Services

At xTuple, we are all about helping you make the best possible use of our software-we offer training classes, online videos and documentation designed to help you learn to use it, and even to delve under the hood to modify and enhance it. The source code is publicly available, and we offer scripting tools and tutorials to show how to change screens or even create entirely new modules or interfaces to other software. On top of it all, we throw in a free report writer to allow you to make unique reports to meet any business need.

Even so, we recognize that customizing a complex tool like xTuple is not easy, and not everyone has the time or the programming background to attempt it. That's where our Custom Development team can help. We have the skills and knowledge to help analyze your needs and provide you with a timely, effective, high-value solution to meet the unique demands of your business.

Over the years, we've worked with end-users, partners, and companies of all sizes to develop many custom solutions. If you're interested in working with xTuple on a custom project, let us know!

Email Integration Is Here - Watch the Video!

For all those who've waited patiently for email integration, the Release Candidate of xTuple Connect 3.6 has been released. Now, users can import and link all corporate email in xTuple and have it be automatically associated with appropriate contacts and documents in the database. This solution allows users to continue using their preferred mail client and server software, but gives them control over what mail they want imported into xTuple.


To learn more, visit John's blog and view the video.

xTuple 3.7 Release Candidate Now Available

We'll do a final release in a few weeks, but for those interested in taking advantage of all the great new features in 3.7, the client and database are available for download! From nice usability features including a contact merge utility to pricing discounts by item to Multi-currency consolidation there's something for everyone in this release! We've focused efforts on addressing some long requested features and of course much attention was placed on adding new project functionality for the Project Edition of xTuple. Here's a list of other new features and enhancements available with 3.7:

  • Contact Merge Utility
  • Pricing discounts by item
  • Consolidation of Sales Analysis
  • Multi-currency financial consolidation
  • MRP Exceptions

... and of course, hundreds of minor fixes and enhancements! Please see the release notes for more detail.

Community Corner

Feedback from an xTuple PostBooks user, Ben Thompson. Ben is the IT Manager for Xikar, a Missouri-based manufacturer of cigar cutters.

"I was blown away by the addition of the characteristics option lists in the new 3.7.0 Beta today. This feature is so powerful for reporting ... Keep up the good work!"

Thanks, Ben. Nothing we like better than positive feedback on new features, the day we release them. :) Ben's done some great work integrating xTuple and the xTuple Web Portal with his own extensions to Drupal, so he certainly knows what he's talking about!

Regular xTupler readers might recognize the name Dave Anderson. Dave is the IT Manager for Micromode, a New Zealand based e-retailer. He's also the author of the Fixed Assets add-ons for xTuple. Dave had the following to say about the recent email additions to the xTuple Connect product:

Very, very well done!! ... xTuple's email integration is already functionally superior to the two other commercial applications we have tried to use and the fact email now integrates directly into our ERP system and screens just takes this a world further. I have worked for many years in the SAP field and not seen this sophistication.

Thanks, Dave!

Partner Profile


Ontario based MBCSolutions was founded in 1993 by John McDonald. Business partner Marvin Bos joined a few years later in 1995. Over the past two decades, they've installed and supported business systems at over 50 area companies. With a combined 40 years of experience, John and Marvin quickly recognized the opportunity that Open Source offered their customers.

They were particularly interested in having more control over the solutions they were installing and more accessibility both in terms of cost and development. MBCSolutions began their search for a new ERP system in 2009 and after evaluating several options, made the decision to partner with xTuple in 2010.

John and Marvin make a great team with a fresh approach to every opportunity. When they're not taking Ontario by storm, John is actively involved in his local Rotary club and practicing on his guitar. Marvin loves to spend time with his kids and tries to keep up in his weekly hockey game.

Mark your calendar - Online Report Writer training April 18-19

You asked and we're delivering -- more web-based training events! We kicked off our new remote training initiative with a deep(er) dive into xTuple Accounting in February. We recently followed that up with a detailed demonstration of the new Fixed Assets Depreciation Package, and on April 18 and 19, we will have an encore of our popular OpenRPT training. Learn how to modify existing reports, create new ones, and use xTuple's powerful MetaSQL scripting language for optimum performance! This class also is worth 7 CPE credits.

The OpenRPT class will be followed by a series of web-based training events on a variety of subjects including xTuple Project Accounting, xTuple for Shop Floor, iTuple, Fund Accounting and more. Stay tuned to our Events pages for more details.

And join us for Classroom Training May 16-20

Don't miss our most popular in-person class, Introduction to xTuple Applications. This class offers a comprehensive workshop type of environment which takes student through setting up their own xTuple database and concludes with running transactions and everything in between. Class dates are May 16-20, learn more and sign up today! 40 CPE Credits are available. And now that the weather's turned nice, we'll be taking the class out on the American Rover tall ship, a perennial favorite at xTuple training!

CPE credits are now available for every xTuple training class including our FREE monthly webinars, our web-based training events and our on-site classroom events.


New e-Book available: Managing Projects with xTuple

Managing Projects with xTuple offers an introduction to the Project and Job Costing related features available in various editions of xTuple ERP.

This book is the first in a series of e-Books designed to focus on specific functional areas within xTuple ERP.

If you are a Project manager or a Project accountant or a Job Shop manufacturer, then this e-Book is designed for you. Use it to evaluate xTuple ERP for your business. Or better yet, keep it with you while you're implementing xTuple ERP-and then later when you are training new employees. As you will see, the book is divided into four main categories:

  • Project Basics
  • Time & Expense
  • Project Accounting
  • Job Costing

Check it out today! And if you've got ideas for other e-Books you'd like to see, please let us know!