xTuple Debuts xChange: Online App Store for the Enterprise

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Offers Straightforward Download of Free and Paid Add-Ons to xTuple ERP and Ability for Open Source Community to Share Customizations Easily

xTuple, the leader in open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, today announced the launch of the xChange, an online marketplace of add-ons and extensions to xTuple ERP. The xChange provides users with a convenient way to share and discover solutions ranging from third-party Website connectors to handy “snap-in” tools that enhance the xTuple applications.

Within the xChange, two new offerings have been launched by xTuple itself: a Point-of-Sale (POS) package and the xTuple Batch Manager. The POS package adds retail cash register management to any of the editions of xTuple ERP. The Batch Manager processes resource-intensive jobs separately from the ERP application, in addition to handling all outgoing email messages and transaction documents. Previously only available as part of the commercially-licensed Standard or Manufacturing Editions of xTuple ERP, the Batch Manager package can now plug into the completely free and open source PostBooks® Edition.

In addition to these offerings, the xChange also features a number of free solutions, including

“The xChange is a culmination of several years’ work to make xTuple ERP more extensible and customizable,” said Ned Lilly, president and CEO of xTuple. “We’ve been deeply engaged with our community of users and partners to make xTuple ERP a true platform for enterprise application developers. Companies today want more flexibility, transparency, and choice in how they consume business software and services; the xChange, along with the architectural enhancements to the past several releases of xTuple ERP, provides powerful support for this 21st century paradigm.”

Users of the xChange also benefit from a wider array of products, enabled by the ease of sharing between xTuple and its partners. Many members of the xTuple open source community have already listed their add-ons in the xChange — both free and commercial solutions. There is no cost to list, and all submissions are reviewed by xTuple product experts.

Lilly continued: “The xChange furthers xTuple’s commitment to partners with the ability to share — and sell — add-ons to our ERP solutions. For example, one longtime partner, Vancouver-based Yellow Dog Consulting, is offering its wireless barcode solution on the xChange. This easy-to-use solution works on a number of handheld barcode scanners, and provides real-time connectivity to inventory control, shipping, and receiving functionality in an xTuple ERP system.”

The xChange marketplace is online now at www.xtuple.com/xchange.

All xTuple ERP products run equally well on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers, and are fully internationalized with multi-currency, support for multiple tax structures, and multilingual translation packs maintained by the global open source community. All this and more, including public discussion forums, a documentation wiki, blogs, and the community issue/bug tracker, can be found at www.xtuple.org.

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