xTuple Continues to Build Momentum by Meeting Market Demand for Open Source ERP

Monday, April 26, 2010


Growing commercial clients, international partners, and community fuels Q1 expansion

xTuple, the leader in open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced it has closed another very successful quarter with revenue up over 20 percent from first quarter 2009.

This year-over-year growth was in part due to the expansion of its international partner network, which translated into multiple new companies outside of the US deploying xTuple's world class ERP solution.

New international partners included Groupe Concerti (Canada), Gennai3 Corp. (Japan), Di Fiore Solucoes (Brazil), Alpen Consulting (Singapore) and Soluciones Empresariales Open (Mexico).

Domestically, a number of new commercial customers came onboard, including EA Patten, a manufacturer of precision machined parts and custom formed tubing, providing solutions to the Aircraft and Aerospace industry since the 1940's. For years, the Connecticut-based company ran on the IBM iSeries Application System/400 (AS/400) mid-range system. But faced with declining support for legacy applications and an uncertain future for the platform, EA Patten decided it needed a more modern ERP package that could grow with the company.

"We see commercial open source solutions as logical replacements for legacy platforms like the AS/400," said Ralph Walsh, president of R. Walsh Associates, which has delivered trusted IT solutions for EA Patten for years. "Today, an xTuple ERP system running on a Linux server can provide greater functionality while costing a fraction of maintaining the old system."

"The value proposition is unbeatable," agreed EA Patten president Dave Pinette. "And since xTuple's ERP solution is developed and deployed using their commercial open source model, we've got a measure of control over our technology investment that we never had before."

On the community front, xTuple added 4,000 community members (bringing its global user community to more than 25,000 active members). Downloads of the free, open source PostBooks® Edition of xTuple ERP surpassed 360,000 and the project remains the #1 most active project on the SourceForge.net open source portal.

"Companies of all sizes are intensely interested in open source ERP, whether they are moving off a complex legacy solution or upgrading from something as simple as QuickBooks and spreadsheets," said xTuple CEO Ned Lilly. "xTuple is a great example of how a private company can profitably leverage the open source business model and grow its commercial business in strong partnership with its community."

The PostBooks® Edition of xTuple ERP is available under the open source Common Public Attribution License (CPAL), or xTuple's hybrid commercial license, whereby customers and partners have full access to the application source code, and any enhancements made to the product flow back to xTuple for review, quality testing, and possible incorporation into the baseline product. The Standard and Manufacturing Editions of xTuple are commercially-licensed products with expanded features based on the core PostBooks Edition. All three versions of xTuple run equally well on Mac, Windows and Linux computers and are fully internationalized with multi-currency, support for multiple tax structures, and multilingual translation packs maintained by the global xTuple open source community.


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