Partners and Customers Flee the ERP Graveyard, Flock to xTuple

Friday, June 28, 2013


Legacy Software Users Vote with Their Feet, Choose the World’s #1 Open Source ERP

As the direct result of a tongue-in-cheek “Alpha (not Omega)” campaign targeting the world of inflexible, antiquated, and customer-indifferent legacy ERP vendors, xTuple saw a major influx of new manufacturing- and distribution-centric partners and customers. As the company continues to make its mark as the next generation in the evolution of accounting and financial management software, at least twelve additions moved to xTuple from the Sage Software North America community.

The humorous campaign, featuring haunting images — an eerie graveyard full of tombstones, launched earlier this year in response to a serious situation in the ERP world. The impressive campaign results also prompted xTuple to announce its inaugural xTupleCon this October, open source ERP global user conference, to build on the success of Partner-only conferences in 2011 and 2012.

The partners come from regions across North America: Ontario, Canada, and Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, Louisiana, Tennessee, California, and Washington State in the U.S.

Several of those partners have already begun migrating their customers to xTuple, including a made-in-the-USA manufacturer of personalized and custom branded designs of both fine jewelry and logo-based recognition awards, an exposition services provider, and a century-old manufacturer of rugged industrial and consumer clothing.

CPC Consulting is the new xTuple Partner based in Ohio. CPC’s president Paul Rolfes, whose company has represented Sage since 1995, shared his reasons for joining xTuple in this video:

Says Rolfes, “What prompted our search for a new ERP solution is we were a Sage dealer — or we still are a Sage dealer — we were selling the Pro series because of its ability to integrate and to have source code. So we were looking for a product that is a well-established ERP solution but also has source code. So that's why we came and looked at xTuple. Also we were looking for a product that can be used across multiple platforms — Linux, Mac, Windows — it just doesn't exist. This [xTuple ERP] is the first product that we have found that has a stable product and works across all those platforms.”

“What really brought our interest to xTuple was A) it has the source code, open source and B) the fact that it will run across all those different platforms — Mac, Linux and Windows — and now with the [Mobile Web application] browser. Being able to actually get to a product via the browser and have it actually feed the same database that the in-house clients are going to see, that's important to us.” “Probably my biggest surprise [with xTuple ERP] is the level of Manufacturing. The manufacturing piece of the product is very in depth and very well thought out. In fact, you can tell that as initially we were looking at ERP solutions, manufacturing was part of it but it wasn't the big part of it. Now I can see where xTuple is actually huge in the manufacturing industry,” said Rolfes.

Prompted by “end-of-life” pronouncements, the “Alpha (not Omega)” campaign consisted of invitations to professional ERP and technology experts — representing beleaguered Sage Software partners and users — to a series of webinars to explore a new beginning with xTuple ERP.

In preparation for the Fall 2013 xTupleCon, CEO Ned Lilly highlighted the role of the growing xTuple community: “You — the tens of thousands of dedicated ERP, CRM, accounting and technical professionals who use xTuple software — are our greatest single asset as we disrupt the cozy, bloated world of traditional ERP software,” said Lilly. “You make our product better every day, and you keep us honest. In return, I hope you feel we provide a good value for your business and conduct ourselves in an open and transparent way.”


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