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What I learned on a snow day: The power of knowledge!

What do you need to know about xTuple open source ERP+CRM+Web Portal?

During the winter ‘bomb cyclone’ that blasted the East Coast in early January 2018, my husband and I (stranded indoors!) tackled our many honey-do tasks that we’re generally 'too busy' to get around to. [Snow photos from our local Virginian-Pilot.]

xTuple-blog-woodstoveThe spices are now arranged by color. We flipped the living and dining room furniture and started to clean out the attic where we discovered more 'parts' to our wood stove. After perusing a few online forum topics, my husband learned the manufacturer’s recommendations and implemented them immediately.

The power of knowledge! That stove certainly keeps us warm and the gas bill down. The thermostat read a balmy 71+ — even though it was set at 68 degrees — while the temperatures outside dipped into the single digits freezing the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay in our normally temperate Southeastern Virginia.

I'm a huge fan of xTuple training (my favorite class is ERP Boot Camp) and can’t stop talking about the valuable knowledge and insights attendees gain. I have literally begged some customers to attend our Boot Camp class, to the point that I offered to refund their costs (I hope my boss isn't reading this!) if they didn't feel the class was worthwhile.

Lucky for me, they were thanking me profusely after the second day! While I was not surprised by their feedback, I was only sorry they hadn't taken advantage of training classes sooner and spent a lot of time being frustrated, unnecessarily.

xTuple is continually expanding course offerings and locations to accommodate our customers, and even added online options. We now have classes on the West Coast, in Canada and the Washington DC/Northern Va. area as well as our headquarters here in Norfolk, Va.

For those who are more technically savvy, let me recommend the ERP Advanced: Power User class in Arlington, Va. This four-day course focuses on the database structure, how to write queries, database maintenance, the development environment and data exchange designed to empower users.

P.S. The pot on top of my wood stove is to add moisture to the air in my house; it's also the absolute BEST way to heat up pizza for the crispiest crust ever!

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