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About the Class

Empower yourself with an intensive 4-day session. Focused on getting the most out of xTuple, so you can take advantage of its advanced capabilities. Curriculum covers PostgreSQL, Qt, Packaged Extensions and Add-Ons.


Note — This training meets 4 times. You are expected to attend all sessions.

Course Schedule

Day 1
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Day 2
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Day 3
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Day 4
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Course Details

Curriculum with PostgreSQL, Qt, Packaged Extensions and Add-Ons
  • Structured Query Language
    • SQL Review - the key to xTuple business logic!
    • Advanced MetaSQL - powerful conditional scripting on top of basic SQL
  • Data Exchange
    • CSV Import tool
    • API views for interfacing with third-party applications
    • XML import/export via XSLT
    • xTuple Connect (formerly Batch Manager)
  • Database Maintenance and Development
    • PostgreSQL Advanced Topics
    • pgAdmin GUI client
    • xTuple ERP Database maintenance
  • xTuple Application Development Environment
    • Intro to Qt/Designer and code structure
    • Create Sample Client Application
    • Intro to Qt/JavaScript in xTuple ERP
    • Intro to xTuple Extension Packages
  • Much more, dependent upon class interest



None, although ERP Boot Camp: Setup and Configuration is recommended

Advanced Manufacturing and/or Advanced Distribution Online Classes

Specialized Knowledge and Applications



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Refund Policy & Cancellations

Requests for refunds for Live Classes must be received in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to scheduled start date of training session. All cancellations will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee. No refunds will be granted within thirty (30) days of scheduled start date. For Online Classes, all sales are final. No refunds will be granted for Group Internet Classes. Participants of canceled classes will be offered course credits which may be applied to future courses and must be redeemed within twelve (12) months of receipt.

Training Options & Earning Credits

Training options vary from free online resources to paid in-classroom or live group events with specialized content designed for and delivered at your business location. Find out which is right for your staff needs.

Every annual Support Contract includes — at no additional cost — an allowance of Training Credits to be used for any regularly scheduled xTuple training offering. For every $200 spent, earn one (1) Training Credit hour. Example: Spend $3600/year earns a free ticket to the 18-hour online ERP Basics class.