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Enhancements Deliver Advantage for Manufacturers


Enhancements Deliver Advantage to Manufacturers

Additional functionality elevates processes

Smithfield, Rhode Island (September 27, 2022) xTuple, the top ERP platform for small to mid-sized manufacturers and distributors, announced an extensive product update. Version 6.0.5 of its core xTuple ERP Suite demonstrates its commitment to enhance and expand the functionality of its ERP growth solution. xTuple recently became part of CAI Software, LLC, a leading supplier of production-oriented solutions for manufacturers, processors, and distributors.

"The purpose of ERP is to integrate disparate systems, automate manual processes and provide key insight for improving operations," said xTuple founder Ned Lilly, now General Manager of Manufacturing ERP at CAI. "Everything we do is to provide day-to-day business value for our customers, the right tools to help them quickly and efficiently grow sales and be more efficient. This new version 6.0.5 addresses 80+ customer requests in core functionality and user experience."

Enhancements — Usability and Technology: 

  • Intuitive field display for enhanced Lot/Serial functionality
  • Increased data capture for better run-time and inventory accuracy
  • Streamlined, accelerated workflows via detailed, additional data display to improve materials cost and accuracy of quotes


Enhancements — Financial and Accounting:

  • Added standard field choices deliver less ambiguity, more accuracy
  • Streamline relevant data and help eliminate errors with enhanced General Ledger transaction screen 
  • Manage Rentals for equipment and salable products with enhanced tax and totals, extending pricing, consideration of billing, and quantity on-hand improvements 


Benefits for Manufacturers & Distributors: 

  • Increase sales efficiency and accuracy, and expand market share with improvements for quote history and search 
  • Shorten production cycle with enhanced lead-time editing, default expiration settings, and improved messaging for units of measure
  • Enhanced geographic coordinates to eliminate shipping errors
  • Improved vendor widgets facilitate rapid, accurate data entry
  • Menu improvements help customers find answers to challenges quickly and efficiently


"This is the first new release since we joined forces with CAI," said Lilly, "but it won't be the last. We will continue to invest in our core desktop product and will also accelerate development of our next-generation xT modular web application. We will also explore our integrations with other best-of-breed business software solutions, including market-leading software from our colleagues at CAI in areas such as electronic data interchange (EDI), manufacturing execution systems (MES), and warehouse management systems (WMS). We're only just getting started, and the next couple of years are going to be transformative for xTuple customers."

About xTuple
xTuple is the top ERP platform for small to mid-sized manufacturers and distributors. Leading with a commitment to Customer Success, xTuple helps improve control over workflow processes and sales productivity. xTuple provides streamlined operations and critical insight into sales, accounting, inventory management, manufacturing, and CRM functionality. xTuple's robust ERP is onboarded in as little as 90 days and costs up to 75% less than systems with similar functionality.

About CAI Software, LLC.
CAI Software, LLC is a leading provider of mission-critical, production-oriented enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), warehouse management software (WMS), electronic data interchange (EDI), and Enterprise Process Automation (EPA) software to leading companies in select vertical markets, including food & beverage and manufacturing. For more information, please visit



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