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IDC: Global Tax Compliance Driving Need for Cross-Border Technology

Tax law is complex and ever-changing. And the challenges are exponentially harder for businesses operating on a global scale. But understanding those challenges related to your tax compliance responsibilities — and the available technology strategies and solutions — can create unparalleled opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

In this report by International Data Corporation (IDC)*, learn the status of cross-border ecommerce, cause and effect, and what this means for your business.

The status of cross-border ecommerce

IDC recently evaluated the current landscape of cross-border tax, reporting on the growth of cross-border ecommerce and the reasons behind it.

Cause and effect

Shifting regulatory changes affect multiple tax jurisdictions and the complexity of conducting business across jurisdictional borders for organizations of all sizes.

What this means for your business

The report covers the challenges and opportunities businesses face in light of these changes, as well as the evolving role technology plays in cross-border transactions.

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*International Data Corporation (IDC) is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. With more than 1,100 analysts worldwide, IDC offers global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends in over 110 countries. Learn more at

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