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QuickBooks Desktop...even BETTER

xTuple is committed to Keeping the Supply Chain Moving and has options for monthly payments with ZERO payments for 3 months.
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xTuple is the best choice for manufacturing and distribution. xTuple has helped hundreds of companies achieve sustainable profitability. xTEssentials does everything you need to manage your entire operation... AND you don't need to disrupt your current accounting practices.

We understand the reluctance to change accounting systems. Stay with what works, but make it better. Now you can leverage the power of the xTuple ERP platform for operations while working with QuickBooks — it's like having your cake and eating it too.

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QuickBooks manages your accounting and xTuple takes care of everything else.




One platform. One price. We hate the nickel and dime process and know you do too. While there are many variables that impact pricing for ERP - such as number of users, complexity of the implementation and term of the contract - xTuple pricing is comprehensive and all-inclusive. In “apples-to-apples” comparisons, xTuple was on average 75% less than the cost of other leading ERP systems. 

Our entire model was designed to simplify the process and get you to meaningful Return on Investment (ROI) quickly.

  • Software license(s)
  • Accelerated Onboarding (usually 90 days)
  • Training (during and post-onboarding)
  • Cloud hosting or on prem (your choice)
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Do the math. A 2018 survey of companies found that post ERP implementation, 95% of companies had improved some or all of their processes. Imagine what that could mean to you. 

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Accelerated Onboarding

xTuple has been helping manufacturers and distributors for nearly 20 years, and we’ve learned a thing or two — like how to get our customers up and running with core functionality fast.

Our team guides you through onboarding with minimal disruption to Go-Live in 90 days.


  • Comprehensive Process Mapping
  • Customized Pilot Sessions
  • Guided Onboarding 
  • Customized Onboarding & End-User Training (Recorded)
  • Preliminary Data Migration
  • Dedicated Support
  • 30 Days Post Go-Live Date
  • Ongoing Technical Support

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We want you to have options, but we strongly recommend hosting in the xTuple cloud for maximum flexibility, reliability and security. On-premises hosting is also available.


Training & Support

You can't harness the power of xTuple without a little help from your friends. While we offer additional training and professional services, basic and more advanced training is included with xTEssentials. 

After onboarding, our support team and dedicated Customer Success Managers ensure you’re never left hanging!

  • Training
    • xTuple Basic Training (during Onboarding)
    • xTuple EssentialsPLUS (Post-Onboarding)
    • Train the Trainer Program
  • Technical Support
    • Live Technical Support
    • Knowledge Base
    • Monthly Live Topic-specific Forums
    • Weekly “Ask the Expert” Office Hours
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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Additional Support & Subject Matter Expertise

When we say we’re not just looking for customers, we’re looking for partners for growth, we mean it. Our commitment to Customer Success goes beyond simply supporting the use of our platform. From the moment we kick-off onboarding, our team is dedicated to making an impact to your entire business throughout your lifecycle.

Our team of subject matter experts, or SMEs in manufacturing and ERP, want to help you fully leverage xTuple Essentials.

Why xTuple ERP

Integrate. Improve Business Performance.
Performance is so much bigger than top-line sales. Sustainable profitability is driven by greater efficiency across the entire operation. xTuple was designed to help manufacturers and distributers track, manage and measure processes, people and money from a single platform – eliminating redundant data, tasks and human error.

Automate. Reduce Working Capital Needs.
Three of the best ways to reduce your working capital needs are: analyzing costs, managing inventory and automating A/R and A/P. These are just three of the many things you can manage and improve with the xTuple platform.

Analyze. Measure & Improve.
Peter Drucker said it best: What gets measured, gets improved. From accounting to KPI Dashboards, xTuple provides the tools to better understand your business and make the best fact-based decisions for your business.

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Accelerated implementation gets you up and running in as soon as 90 days.

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