xTuple Training: Leveraging the Power of the Platform

xTEssentials Training — The Basics & Then Some

Without training there is chaos. That may not be an actual saying, but it should be. At xTuple, we realize that without the proper training, the full benefits of the xTuple platform are wasted, so we include extended training in every contract.

Get the Basics
During the onboarding process, we take you through a structured and curated experience that trains you on the basics of xTuple ERP while tailoring your setup and configuration to meet your specific needs. Your team will develop the foundation they need to effectively leverage the platform from the first day of Go Live.

Onboarding sessions are held remotely via video conferencing so there is no limit to participation. All sessions are recorded and provided as a reference.

  • Set up Your xTuple System
    Look forward to in-depth, handson end user training on all functional areas of xTuple ERP. Your Onboarding Engineer will lead you through a detailed discovery process to ensure your system is configured to meet your business process needs. 
  • Migrate Your Data
    We provide you with templates to help you prep your data to be imported into your new xTuple ERP. Our Onboarding Team will provide guidance as you extract and prepare your data, and then we’ll do the heavy lifting of the data import.
  • Harness xTuple Core Functionality
    While diving into your core needs, the xTuple Onboarding Engineers (OEs) educate you on the core tools and functionality of xTuple. From sales and work orders to inventory and accounting, your team will be ready to improve operations and streamline processes immediately with xTuple ERP.



xTEssentials Extended Basic Training
After onboarding, all end users from your team are invited to attend our System Overview class designed to reinforce the basics of using xTuple while taking you slightly deeper into the application. This four-hour training is conducted remotely via video conference over two sessions.

Additional Training & Support

We never leave you hanging! In addition to the included training, our Customer Success team makes sure users get ongoing training and support.

Training Resources for New Employees & Future End Users
During the onboarding phase, your sessions are recorded to create a resource library of basic training content that your team can reference at any time. 

How To’s & Quick Tips
On the second Thursday of every month, the xTuple Customer Success team hosts a live forum via Zoom video conferencing to answer end user questions. Recording are then posted in our Knowledge Base to help others with the same questions. Dates and times are posted on the Training & Events calendar and updated via our quarterly CS Newsletter. There’s nothing like face-to-face time to get you what you need!

xTuple does everything we can to help manufacturers and distributors make it better!

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