ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

What is it and why do you need it?

What is ERP?   Enterprise resource planning refers to the real-time integrated management of key business processes through technology.

In English: xTuple ERP replaces disparate systems and software – aligning all the functions of manufacturing and distribution, reducing redundant data and giving you the ability to track people, processes and financial performance in real-time and at-a-glance.

The video to the right explains simply how ERP replaces cumbersome spreadsheets, integrates an entire operation into a single platform, automates tedious tasks eliminating human error and puts accurate information at your disposal.

xTuple helps manufacturers make it better.


Learn how ERP can impact the financing process. Download the eBook: Manufacturing Finance 101: Options, the Process & How ERP Helps.


xTuple Means Results. Fast.

xTuple has been helping manufacturers and distributors for nearly 20 years, and we’ve learned a thing or two – like how to get our customers up and running with core functionality fast. While the average implementation can take up to 17 months, xTuple can get users up and running in as little as 90 Days.



  • Comprehensive Process Mapping
  • Customized Pilot Sessions
  • Guided Onboarding 
  • Customized Onboarding & End-User Training (Recorded)
  • Preliminary Data Migration
  • Dedicated Support
    • 30 Days Post Go-Live Date
  • Ongoing Technical Support

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Why xTuple ERP

Improve Your Business Performance
Performance is bigger than top-line sales. Sustainable profitability comes from greater efficiency across your entire operation – tracking, managing and measuring, money, people and processes are key to growing your business efficiently. xTuple was designed to do just that, specifically for manufacturers and distributors.

Reduce Your Working Capital
Three of the top ways to reduce your working capital are: analyzing your costs, managing your inventory, and automating AR and AP. These are just three of the many things you can do from the xTuple platform.

Improve Customer Service
Happy customers are how you grow your business. xTuple ties your operation together and gives you the tools you need to hit your on-time delivery goals. Great products and OTD means more predictable revenue.

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