Leveraged Growth_ How Small Businesses Expand Sales & Profits with ERP and Fulfillment Solutions

xTuple + ShipStation webinar

Leveraged Growth:
How Small Businesses Expand Sales & Profits with
ERP and Fulfillment Solutions

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As small manufacturers struggle to emerge from 2020 and take advantage of a domestic resurgence in manufacturing and distribution of products, xTuple has partnered with ShipStation—the premier fulfillment and shipping software giant—to help you recover rapidly and profitably.

xTuple ERP removes obstacles in the way of growth—like automation, scalability, e-commerce sales, and end-to-end visibility into workflows—to save you time and money. Our 90-day Go Live core onboarding—led by engineers and dedicated customer success experts—increases productivity and reduces time and money spent on manual processes by up to 70%.

ERPs were created to help companies manage all areas of their business; xTuple ERP was designed to help manufacturers improve manufacturing performance, because we understand their unique challenges, including: 

  • Maximizing cash flow. Don’t leave money on the shelf that’s tied up in excess materials, supplies, or slow-moving finished goods
  • Hitting delivery schedules with on-time deliveries every time, thanks to partners like ShipStation
  • Knowing where your cash is at all times, and how you can put it to work for you
  • Increasing profitability
  • Reducing labor and shipping costs—two of  your biggest expenses

Register and learn how you can leverage the top ERP and best-in-breed shipping software to put more money in your pocket with xTuple and ShipStation. Spaces are limited. 

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About the Presenters
Ken Fikes, ShipSation Expert
Wally Tonra, xTuple VP Sales
Ciara Rogers, xTuple VP of Product