Manufacturing Finance 101:
Leveraging Your ERP in the Financing Process

On-Demand Webinar

The size of your operation doesn’t matter; you need accurate and relevant information to make the best decisions for your business. KPIs or key performance indicators are the most important metrics of business activity that show whether processes and people are delivering on expected results.

Most importantly, KPIs should show you where your money is going, at-a-glance and in real-time. KPIs give you the visibility to see trends over time and quickly identify problem areas and avoid major pitfalls that can impact your business. Simply put, KPIs help you learn from mistakes, fix problems before they happen and ultimately help you make more money.

In addition to dispelling some common myths about ERP, this Webinar will help you:

  • Get quantified information on the ROI that can be achieved through ERP
  • Understand the "big picture" of ERP and how it can impact your business
  • Know key questions to ask to evaluate and select the best system for your needs
  • Understand the implementation process and pricing
  • NOT be left hanging after implementation! Ask key questions about post-implementation support.

Webinar participants will receive the xTuple eBook: Manufacturing Finance 101 which provides an overview of the types of financing available and details the due diligence process and how to leverage ERP. This eBook also includes the Basic Anatomy of Financial Statements, a simplified explanation of key financial documents and how they are used in the financing process.

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About the Presenter
Wally Tonra
A 25+ year technology veteran, Wally has spent more than 20-years in ERP working with manufacturers.  A true subject matter expert, he possesses an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by manufacturers of every size and complexity. More than two decades working across industries to ensure clients have the solutions they need to impact their processes and performance, Wally is uniquely qualified to quickly and effectively address the primary areas of “pain” faced by manufacturers when they are considering, evaluating and implementing an ERP system.