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Visibility is Power.

KPI Dashboards Designed for Manufacturing & Distribution Accurate. Relevant. At-a-glance.

The power of information for more control over your entire operation.

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are the most important metrics of business activity. They are visual representations that indicate whether processes and people are delivering on expected results. Over time, KPIs give you visibility into trends and the ability o quickly identify problem, areas and avoid major pitfalls that can negatively impact your business. In short, KPIs show you where your money is going at-a-glance and in real-time.

The xTuple platform integrates your entire operation, helping you run more efficiently, automating redundant tedious tasks to eliminate human error and giving you the insight needed to do things better.

Are you measuring the KPIs? Download our White Paper: The KPIs Manufacturers Should be Measuring & Why and gain a better understanding into your operations.

xTuple has the following KPI Dashboards ready for at-a-glance measurement.

Operations Dashboards

  • On-Time Delivery
  • Units Produced by Product
  • RMAs & Returns
  • Scrap % of Total Output

Financial Dashboards

  • Sales by Product
  • AR Balance (Aging AR), AR Turnover Ratio
  • Days in AR, Average AR
  • AP Balance (Aging AP)
  • Top 10 Customers by Revenue
  • Average Customer Receivables

See for yourself. Request a custom demo and learn how xTuple goes beyond implementation to help users achieve sustainable growth and profitability.

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