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Reach more buyers through more channels and turn your inventory faster.

Integrating an e-commerce solution with your ERP streamlines your ability to capitalize on excess finished goods, open box returns, and so much more. In fact, the opportunities are endless. If we take no other lesson from the pandemic — aside from washing our hands and not always believing the "experts" — we know that selling online and leveraging technology to do it can be the difference between surviving and thriving.

xTuple integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce and ShipStation means your process — from production to the end-user — is managed from a single platform. See how xTuple E-commerce Solutions can help.



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Take the first step: xTuple Essentials.

xTuple Essentials features the core ERP functionality needed to manage Accounting, Sales/CRM, Inventory and Manufacturing as well as advanced features to manage everything else — from MRP and MPS to Returns and Recalls.

xTuple replaces disparate systems and software, to manage your entire operation from a single platform – aligning your business, reducing redundant data and giving you the ability to track people, processes and financial performance in real-time and at-a-glance.

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Why xTuple

Integrate. Improve Business Performance.
Performance is so much bigger than top-line sales. Sustainable profitability is driven by greater efficiency across the entire operation. xTuple was designed to help manufacturers and distributers track, manage and measure processes, people and money from a single platform – eliminating redundant data, tasks and human error.

Automate. Reduce Working Capital Needs.
Three of the best ways to reduce your working capital needs are: analyzing costs, managing inventory and automating A/R and A/P. These are just three of the many things you can manage and improve with the xTuple platform.

Analyze. Measure & Improve.
Peter Drucker said it best: What gets measured, gets improved. From accounting to KPI Dashboards, xTuple provides the tools to better understand your business and make the best fact-based decisions for your business.

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xTuple Announces Launch of QuickBooks Integration:
Top ERP Solution Partners with Popular Accounting Software

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