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Q4 2023  |  Vol. 16, No. 4



6.0.7 patch release

The latest patch release for the Desktop will be available for download early next week. To access the software, go to  the xTuple Customer Portal. And if you need help upgrading, just let us know.

The 6.0.7 release addresses several bug reports, as well as the following minor features:

  • Vendor defaults populated to Miscellaneous Payment
  • Added start/end dates to Item Workbench
  • Enabled editing of ship-to number
  • Added changelog details when a prospect is converted to a customer

 ~ Tips & Tricks ~

Multi-level sort

Did you know xTuple lets you  sort data in list views by two columns at once? It's easy. Simply click on a column header to sort the first column of data. Then hold the SHIFT key and click the header on a second column. Now both sets of data will be sorted side-by-side.

Want to see more tips & tricks? Got one to share? Let us know....


Digital transformation

If you want to integrate a third-party solution with xTuple using the new xTuple API, you must be on at least version 6.0 of the Desktop.


Aussie customer joining clunker car rally

If you have a car worth less than $1,500, a week of free time, and the desire to help fight cancer, then the 14th annual Shitbox Rally in Australia could be for you.

xTuple customer Lou Mimmo and his brother Peter plan to do just that. Next June, they'll be driving their clunker (a.k.a., "shitbox")  from Melbourne to Alice Springs—both for fun and to raise money for cancer research.

The inspiration behind the trip is Peter's 9-year-old daughter Aliyana (Ally).  According to the brothers' fund-raising website, Ally was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) just over two years ago. 

Thankfully, Ally's cancer is in remission now.  Lou is grateful for that, and he's eager to join his brother in the race.

"Having been a family that has been severely touched by cancer we are passionate about raising awareness and funds to help finding a cure, prevention and providing immediate and ongoing support for all families that may find themselves in this unfortunate situation." 

                                   -Lou Mimmo

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