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Q3 2023  |  Vol. 16, No. 3


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Sales kit configurator: Coming in 6.1

The new kit configurator is designed to complement and improve on xTuple's existing kitting capabilities.

Several common packages will also be converted to C++ code, beginning in version 6.1. This exercise will continue in subsequent releases, as more packages are moved to the core. For now, in 6.1, the following packages will be converted:

  • Time & Expense
  • Fixed Assets (all packages)

The 6.1 release is currently in beta testing. Please stay tuned for more information, as it becomes available.


EDI on the rise

So far, early adoption has focused on customer-side EDI transactions, including these standard forms:

  • Invoice - 810
  • Purchase order - 850
  • Purchase order acknowledgement - 855 

Coming in early 2024, xTuple will be adding "out of the box" support for several vendor-side EDI forms. In addition, the xTuple Desktop client will be updated to support advanced shipping notice (ASN) functionality. EDI support for ASN will also be available.

If you missed July's webinar and would like to view a recording, select the button below.


Android app updates

If you're looking for a mobile scanning solution, then you should check out the Android app. The app is available as an add-on to your annual subscription.

The xTuple development team recently published a new version of the app, which includes the following updates:  

  • Support for xTuple ERP 6.0.5 and 6.0.6
  • Compatibility with more recent versions of Android

If you already have the Android app deployed at your site, then look for the newest version on the xTuple customer portal


Happy! Pharrell buys former xTuple building

The school will be part of a network of "micro-schools" established by Pharrell's non-profit organization Yellow. The goal of the schools is to provide students in grades 4-7 "with the opportunity to connect their learning to real-world challenges."

Classroom activity is not new to the building at 118 W. Bute Street in Norfolk. For years prior to the pandemic, xTuple held frequent in-person training classes for customers and partners from around the world.

Built in 1943, the Art Deco structure originally housed a bank. Our visitors may remember that the old bank vault was used by xTuple as a server room.


Know somebody who might be a good fit for xTuple? Let us know and we will return the favor! Compensation can take the form of cash or credit, depending on your preference. Email Pierce Tyler with your referral by clicking the button below.