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Q1 2024  |  Vol. 17, No. 1


NY Distributor Flies Commercial

When The xTupler caught up with Mike Brockey recently,  the long-time xTuple customer had just fMike Brockey of Kelly & Hayes sits in the cockpit of a WWII warbird. He flies for fun on weekends.lown back from Mexico City. He wasn't traveling for business or vacation, though. Instead, Mike was actually piloting the plane.

That's right: In addition to being the COO of Kelly & Hayes, a Long Island plumbing and electrical distributor, Mike is a captain for a major airline carrier. He flies 737s out of JFK and LaGuardia airports all the time. Somehow, Mike manages to juggle the demands of both jobs.

Mike's been airborne a long time. He served in the Air Force for 20 years, flying F-15Cs— including more than two years of combat duty in the Persian Gulf. 


Nowadays, in addition to his commercial flying, Mike also performs in air shows. He signs up for the occasional skywriting gig, too.

When it comes to xTuple, Mike embraces technical challenges. He's comfortable  modifying report definitions and also MetaSQL statements on his own. His tinkering extends to the company's website, as well. The K&H site runs on the Magento eCommerce platform, and is integrated with xTuple in the back end.

Mike even dives into business logic. "[Database] functions are my new favorite thing to work on," he says, with a smile.

And don't try persuading him to adopt pgAdmin 4. He's perfectly happy with his old pgAdmin 3. Judging from the opinions of several xTuple users, he's not alone in that. Old habits do die hard.

xTuple Tips & Tricks

Easy date shortcuts

Some people want visual calendars, when entering dates for work orders, sales orders, etc. Others prefer keyboard shortcuts. For those who like shortcuts, date fields in xTuple support several. Here are some examples:

  • 0 + TAB = Current date
  • 15 + TAB = 15th of month
  • 31 + TAB = 31st of month
  • # + 1 + TAB = Jan 1
  • # + 365 + TAB = Dec 31

You can also use the "+" symbol to look ahead (e.g., +90 days).

Open with magnifierxtuple search screenshot

Ever wondered what that magnifying glass in xTuple is used for? It's actually a button you can click on to open the item in question. The same goes for customers, vendors, or any object where you see a looking glass. Just click and go.


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