Yes, We Publish Our Pricing

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Pricing information for commercial licenses of xTuple software is shown in the table below, with a calculator to easily compare your choices. The free and open source xTuple PostBooks® may be downloaded and installed without any license fee, of course, however support and services are available only for a commercially-licensed installation.

Choose from dedicated xTuple ERP Editions for Distribution and Manufacturing, as well as the premium Enterprise Edition that includes all available xTuple modules and several advanced add-on offerings. Compare Editions by feature to choose the best software for your business needs.

xTuple calculatorYou have a choice of commercial licenses - an annual subscription (similar to a rental model) or a perpetual license to the software. And, uniquely among ERP providers, with either license you can deploy xTuple on-site, in your choice of hosting environment, or in xTuple’s own Cloud service (powered by

For new customers, we offer a complimentary 90-day deployment in the xTuple Cloud, so you can evaluate and pilot the software. It's the easiest and most cost-effective way to get started - and if you want to move your server somewhere else at any time, you have that option. (Not available with other cloud-based ERP)

The xTuple Sales Team is ready to answer your questions about licensing and pre-paid support. Please call +1-757-461-3022 to reach us during business hours – 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, GMT-05:00-US & Canada – or contact us online.
  Perpetual License Annual License Add Cloud to either
$100/month +
xTuple PostBooks® (free download) n/a n/a n/a
xTuple PostBooks® (commercial license) $1350/user $450/user/year $30/user/month
xTuple Distribution $2700/user $900/user/year $30/user/month
xTuple Manufacturing $3900/user $1300/user/year $30/user/month
xTuple Enterprise $4500/user $1500/user/year $30/user/month


Do it Yourself or Get Help?

Implementing an ERP system is one of the most consequential things a company can do – it's more than just installing software. While tempting in the world of open source software to try to do it all yourself, we urge you to consider getting help.

xTuple and its worldwide partners can help look at your company with fresh eyes, map a plan for implementing new software that fits the existing business processes you want to keep, and identify areas for improvement and growth. Some people see that and hear "con$ultant$." But there is a great deal of specialized work in setting up the system, migrating and cleaning up old data, training your users, and providing real value-added advice in best practices for how to use xTuple tools for grouping and analyzing items, customers, and such. Give it some thought – and talk to us first.

Use these tips to analyze the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your software, which will bring out "hidden" or non-obvious ownership expenses involved in making purchase decisions or planning budgets.

Software maintenance

Included in the Annual license, software maintenance includes access to all updates, major and minor, and costs 10% of the base price for perpetual licenses.

Customer Support

Customer support is available directly from xTuple - including an online portal to monitor your issues - or through one of our local implementation partners around the world. xTuple direct support is priced at 10% of the base price of the perpetual license, subject to a minimum annual support fee of $1,500 for any customer. That support pricing is the same, whether you have an annual, perpetual or cloud license.


Distribution and Manufacturing Edition commercial licenses require a minimum 5-user purchase. Enterprise Edition requires a minimum of 10 users. Please note: xTuple counts only concurrent users, that is, only that number of users logged onto the system at a given time.

The table above represents the base pricing for all commercially-licensed Editions of xTuple, with a Perpetual or Annual License, with the option of hosting either in the xTuple Cloud.  Why "base" pricing? Because all three licenses include built-in discounts for each additional user license you add after 10 – so the more users you have, the more you save per-seat, per user: 1% off of the cost of every user for a 10-user purchase, 2% for 11 users, etc., all the way up to a 45% discount for 54 users and up.

Monthly pricing is available on all options, payable automatically by ACH debit or credit card. Refer to the base prices per user, then use the handy License Calculator application below the table to calculate the costs for your specific situation, including maintenance and support. Please note: credit cards are subject to an additional 3% surcharge.  ACH direct debit is available from U.S. bank accounts only.



xTuple Business IntelligencexTuple Business Intelligence

xTuple Business Intelligence is a complete solution for the analysis of your sales process and customer relationship management program. You can create personalized dashboards highlighting performance indicators relevant to your goals with this add-on solution. And you can explore your data with ad-hoc “drag and drop” analysis tools..

  • Basic: $15,000:
    • Two sets of analysis cubes: Sales and CRM
    • Server stand-up
    • Initial data load and scheduled data load
    • One (1) hour of remote end-user training
    • Two (2) hours of BI expert assistance
    • Enterprise Edition customers receive 50% off ($7,500 savings)
  • Extra Services: $200/hour ($250/hour for data from sources external to xTuple ERP)
    • Defined scope, contracted (not Time & Materials), post-sale package



xTuple Connect

xTuple Connect

The xTuple Connect email and integration solution is available under a perpetual license, priced at $1,995. It is available online from the xChange app store.

Please note:  xTuple Connect replaces the former Batch Manager product. It is only included with the Enterprise Edition license and as an upgrade with Distribution and Manufacturing Editions.



xTupleCommercexTupleCommerce Web Portal

xTupleCommerce is Web Portal 2.0, a Shopping Cart and Content Management System (CMS) infrastructure integrated with the xTuple ERP database and existing company website.

  • License only: $17,250
    • xTuple ERP Business Objects available to the website
    • Technical support, design assistance, or professional services not included
  • Basic: $22,250
    • xTuple ERP Business Objects available to the website, plus
    • Templated eCommerce package — Links from existing customer website (if applicable), company logo, home page and core website functionality, product detail pages, shopping cart, customer account setup, and three (3) hours of design assistance
  • Premium: $32,250
    • All above, plus integration of company brand identity throughout the eCommerce site, consisting of color palette integration, custom fonts, iconography, etc.
    • Advanced (faceted) Search
    • Real-time inventory availability
    • Ten (10) hours of design assistance



xTuple in the CloudxTuple in the Cloud

Run any edition of xTuple – PostBooks®, Distribution, Manufacturing or Enterprise – in a secure "cloud" instance. More information on the xTuple Cloud service and details on pricing.



Support & Consulting Services

xTuple SupportxTuple offers a QuickStart package that includes an initial site visit, project plan and twelve (12) total days of implementation assistance to start your new business operations quickly. If this is your first experience with ERP and you are moving up from a desktop accounting package, this may be the easiest way to start. Please note:  QuickStart package is only available at the outset of an implementation project.

xTuple and its partners also offer helpdesk support services once you are live with the system. Please note:  this is not the same as implementation assistance. Implementation is setting up the system, migrating old data, mapping business processes to the software and training users.

xTuple support comes after you are live with the system - and is typically provided by the people who work with you on the implementation, usually an xTuple Partner. Contact our sales team to discuss your support needs - including support for the free PostBooks® Edition of xTuple. Read more about support and consulting options.



xTuple Network XTNBusiness Continuity: Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery Service and XTN Remote Upgrade Service

Whenever you need to protect your essential data, xTuple's Network Services deliver safety for your business needs associated with managing your xTuple database – from automatic installation of software upgrades to automated off-site backups – to database tuning and even a full hosting package. Whether remote backups to recovering after a myriad of calamities, from basic to premium upgrade and data cleansing more about XTN offerings.



xTuple ServerDedicated Server Appliance

Interested in a dedicated server appliance, preconfigured with xTuple software? Anything we have not covered here? The xTuple Sales Team is ready to answer your questions. Please call +1-757-461-3022 to reach us during business hours – 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, GMT-05:00-US & Canada – or contact us online.