Metal Fabrication

We know precision is key.

Survival depends on total control. xTuple can help. For nearly 20 years, xTuple has been helping companies in the metal fabrication industry grow. xTuple integrates disparate systems into a single management platform and automates tedious manual tasks to eliminate human error and reduce waste across operations.

Thinking you’re too small for ERP is thinking too small. xTuple has perfected tools for metal fabrication; from the shop floor to the C-suite, xTuple helps you save more and make more.

Management from one platform with one price. Check out the following overview of key areas of functionality that address needs in the metal fabrication space.

Manage Quotes & Special Pricing
KPI Dashboards
OTD & Scrap % of Total Output
Multi-level Bills of Material (BOMs)
Lot/Serial Tracking & Tracing
Manage Warranties & RMAs
Manufacturing Operations Management
Material Resource Planning (MRP)
Shop Floor Time Clock

See for yourself. View or search the comprehensive functionality and capability of the xTuple platform and see how xTuple helps metal fabricators manage, improve and grow business.

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We won’t nickel and dime you.

One platform. One price. Our all-inclusive model means one annual price covers everything you need. We call it xTEssentials. You’ll call it game changing.

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