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If you are ready to grow aggressively and steal a bigger share of your market — especially for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies that are newcomers to modern marketing — here is an e-Book to ignite that process.


MFR-LEAD-GEN-COVER_xtupleIn "Lead Generation for the Growth-Oriented Manufacturer," you'll discover...

  • How a manufacturer can grow revenues in a flat market
  • Why the traditional manufacturer sales and marketing playbook is broken
  • Why buyers don't want to call your salespeople
  • How to become known, liked and trusted even before your customers are ready to speak to you
  • The "product" problem manufacturers have and how to fix it
  • How much manufacturers are investing in marketing
  • How to get started with a solid long-term lead generation program amidst so many confusing new marketing tactics
    ... and more!



About the Author — Douglas Burdett

Founder of ARTILLERY

Douglas Burdett is the principal and founder of ARTILLERY, a business-to-business (B2B) manufacturing marketing agency. He is also host of The Marketing Book Podcast, a weekly interview show featuring bestselling business authors and named by LinkedIn as one of “10 Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Marketer.” Prior to starting his own firm, Douglas worked in New York City on Madison Avenue at ad industry giants J. Walter Thompson and Grey Advertising. Before starting his business career, Douglas served as a U.S. Army artillery officer, then earned an MBA.