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xTuple is an investment in managing your business

How to earn xTuple University Training Credits?

Every annual Support Contract includes — at no additional cost — a credit allowance to use for any regularly scheduled xTuple training offering. Find out how much your company has earned!


As with everything in life, our skill level improves as we gain more experience; and as your skills advance in using xTuple, the value of this toolset increases exponentially.

When you first see xTuple, it may seem strange and complicated. Yet, over time you'll find it extremely powerful in assisting you and your business to become more efficient and effective. That effectiveness, though, depends on learning how xTuple works — and developing (and maintaining) business rules and procedures to take full advantage of the application.

xTuple software does not run on autopilot. Like any part of your business, it requires regular human maintenance and review. So what are you maintaining?

  • Information about all of the elements of your business, which naturally change over time, such as items, costs, customers, vendors, terms.
  • Ongoing activities in the system, such as open payables and receivables, inventory levels, sales orders, purchase orders, and work orders.

Assigning at least one (1) member of your team with ownership of xTuple at your organization significantly improves the effectiveness of the tool, and its value for your business. It's our mission to support you learning about — and your successful use of — xTuple.

Commercial Resources


  • In-Classroom Training
    • ERP Boot Camp: Setup, Configuration and Operations
    • ERP Advanced: Power User Training
  • Distance Learning (live, online)
    • ERP Basics: Learning Business Process Flows
    • Project Go-Live: How to Manage your ERP Implementation
    • Non-Accountants: Easy to Understand Accounting
    • Custom Reporting: SQL Report Writer for Open Source ERP
  • Customized on-site training options available
  • More on xTuple Training

Annual Support contract

  • Provides access to telephone help desk and online ticketing system for all users
  • Answers questions concerning the mechanics of doing transactions in xTuple
  • Analysis of support issues
  • Fast-tracked assistance for bug fixes and repairs to bug-related data problems
    • PLEASE NOTE: While the support desk is a great service, it is not a substitute for training
  • Visit xTuple Customer Supportal

Cloud Hosting

  • Your server hosted in an Amazon cloud instance, located geographically close to your business for optimum performance
  • xTuple Cloud Services manages nightly backups and all server hardware and software
  • More on xTuple Cloud

Business Continuity and XTN Services

  • Off-site database backup
  • Database maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and upgrades assistance
  • Disaster recovery services  to restore your database in the cloud within 24 hours
  • Available active “sandbox” database, a backup copy of your production database to use for training, practice and testing of procedures and processes
  • More on Business Continuity

Professional Services (on-site and/or remote)

  • Implementation support
  • Customizations for your specific industry or business needs
  • Forms and report modifications
  • Custom screens and custom functions
  • Integrations with other business systems
  • Business process consulting by practicing subject matter experts
  • More on Professional Services and Consulting

xTuple Partner Network

  • Experienced independent professionals providing support similar to xTuple’s Professional Services
  • Geographically located throughout the world
  • More on xTuple Partners

Pierce Tyler, Customer Success Team

Support options vary from free community resources to paid expert consulting. Protect — and get the most out of — your investment in xTuple. Find out which support option is right for your business.

More Resources

Private Demo

  • Evaluate xTuple features in your own database
  • Experiment with new functionality without touching your production system
  • Test how ERP-integrated Web Portal works for real-time online sales and customer service
  • Signup for a Private Demo Here

xTuple University

  • Online video tutorials on how to do various tasks with xTuple, by subject and user type
  • Topical articles for understanding the xTuple ERP application, divided by functional areas
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Manuals such as the versioned Reference Guide, product guides and how-to guides
  • Reference and product guides for xTuple
  • Short essay tutorials, covering key topics for both end users and power users alike
  • System administrator documents
  • Resources for developers, including xTuple ERP Developer Guide
  • Visit xTupleU

xTuple's Collective Brainpower Blog

  • Stories and announcements on business and operations, technology
  • News coverage, media releases, xTuple e-newsletter, media kit
  • Visit xTuple Blog

xTuple User Forums

  • Online message boards to ask questions of the global xTuple community
  • Colloborate and converse with others on the use of the software
  • Join the xTuple Forums

Business Continuity — Off-site Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

When you entrust your essential business information to one database, you need to know your data is protected. Take advantage of off-site cloud storage to prevent catastrophic business interruptions. What would you do if disaster strikes?

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