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xTuple Cloud

The Power of xTuple Where You Need It.

xTuple cloud hosting is all about flexibility, reliability and security.

xTuple works with hundreds of manufacturers and distributors across industries and levels of operational complexity, providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to manage their business and get reliable insight into their productivity and performance for sustainable profitability. While xTuple offers deployment options, on-premises or in the cloud, we recommend xTuple Cloud.

Hosting in the cloud gives our team the ability to help you control your system. And whenever the stuff hits the fan, you're ready to easily transition to a remote model.

Why host in the cloud?

  • Faster Support
    • Simplifies Troubleshooting
  • Data Back-up & Security
    • Easy, secure access to back-up
  • Maximum Network Uptime
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Improved Performance ... Wherever
  • SECURE: xTuple Security Policy


If you're an xTuple User ready to make the move contact your Customer Success Manager and see how simple it is to live in the clouds.

If you're considering xTuple as your ERP solution, give us 20 minutes to understand your exact needs. If xTuple is the right solution for you, we can get you up and running in as little as 90 days. Why wait? Schedule a Discovery Call now.

Designed for Manufacturers.

Tools for Impact.

Accounting & Finance

Produce accurate, high quality analysis-based financial reports

CRM & Sales

Better manage contacts and turn leads into sales to grow your pipeline

Inventory Management

Fine-tune the balance between inventory investment and customer demand


Plan your workload based on existing orders and forecast future orders


Gain total visibility into your company, your costs and your supply chain

Time & Projects

Eliminate information silos and meet project deliverables to stay on target

See for yourself. View or search the comprehensive functionality and capability of the xTuple platform and see how xTuple can help  improve productivity and performance to create sustainable profitability.

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Don’t wait.

Control makes you more efficient. More competitive.

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