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    Pelco Grows High-Value Jobs & Gains Competitive Edge using xTuple

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    About Pelco Component Technologies

    Pelco Component Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial and industrial electronic components, delivering specialized timing and control solutions to a diverse worldwide OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customers.

    Pelco is “Putting Power to Work.” Industries served include aviation and telecommunications, HVAC, food service, transportation, gas and oil, even neon lighting. If a piece of equipment requires a control timer to turn-on, turn-off or power any other automated operation, it’s a good bet that Pelco products are the technology solution used.


    Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing


    • Improved ability to better scale staffing and inventory to support our growth, e.g., Pelco doubled throughput when running a second shift, often necessary to meet customer demand
    • Improved ability to forecast build-to-order inventory needs for the first time
    • Gained the ability to modify or customize the software without in-house programming expertise
    • Enhanced visibility into the entire business from quote to cash, ‘cradle to grave’
    • Increased productivity with cost-effective overall improvement in operations
    • Eliminated manual processes and spreadsheets which improved functionality of the entire company
    • Saved time and financial resources with on-boarding throughout every department, due to using xTuple’s established project management methodology
    • Improved employee shop-floor productivity, a piece-rate work improvement of 15%
    • Improved production floor inventory availability and planning accuracy by 15%, without adding man-hours
    • Increased value-add to customers with better reporting and communication
    • Modernized outdated technology and met Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) expectations
    • Processed orders more quickly and improved delivery time of product
    • Reduced inventory costs with less time spent on-the-shelf, minimal finished product stock on hand and faster inventory turns of raw materials (faster stock turns)
    • Reduced time-to-decision for better, faster decision-making, especially in terms of sales orders and inventory planning/production schedules
    • Saved time and improved employee productivity company-wide; every purchase order required repetitive data entry – as much as four (4) times – less data input improved employee productivity by 75%
    • Completed ISO-certification with zero deficiencies or non-conformance issues and completion in less than one (1) year, due to newly documented workflows
    "xTuple ERP was a real “find” – Pelco delivers customer-focused solutions, and xTuple does, too.”

    Peter M. Kip, Jr.
    President & CEO | Pelco Component Technologies


    In 1975, Pelco was founded in the village of Cazenovia in Madison County, New York*, by Peter M. Kip, Sr. With the long-term goal of continued innovation and growth while “doing good” by maintaining production locally, Kip, Sr., wanted to provide good, sustainable jobs for his neighbors.

    Today’s president and CEO, Peter M. Kip, Jr., wanted to carry on his father’s legacy, building on the business mission to improve the local community’s economic development. Eventually, though, business realities made some overseas production inevitable.

    And there were other constraints.

    Pelco’s future business growth and efficiency was hampered by technology. The major driver for adopting a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution was the company’s historical use of three (3) different and separate systems: a standalone customer relationship management (CRM) software, an accounting package, and a locally designed “MRP-ish” (materials requirement planning) solution.

    “It was inefficient. It was a nightmare,” said Kip.

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