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    EMSEAL Joint Systems, LTD Improves Operations & Scalability with xTuple



    EMSEAL, based in Massachusetts and Ontario, is the leading innovator and manufacturer of premium sealants and expansion joint systems for the commercial construction industry and specialty gasketing applications.

    EMSEAL has provided sealant and expansion joint systems for some of the world’s most famous structures, such as the Empire State Building, the Guggenheim Museum, Lambeau Field, the Mall of America, and the CN Tower. The Sustainable Business Leader Program (SBLP) has recognized EMSEAL as a leader in sustainable business practices and a partner in the effort to debunk the myth that companies must choose between profitability and sustainability.




    • On-time, on-budget implementation with limited internal resources, especially while extracting and loading data from an older system while simultaneously developing custom modules
    • Huge, cost-effective improvements in operations included efficiency and accuracy in inventory control, purchasing, and order entry
    • Better positioned for growth due to improved productivity, now with a scalable, supported solution easy-to-customize, open-source system allowed for custom-developed modules added onto the base functionality
    • Effective, responsive, knowledgeable, and speedy support and consulting assistance
    • Instilled an operating discipline and processing rules that did not exist in the earlier system
     “What makes xTuple different is the people AND the product. I like xTuple employees and have found everyone I’ve worked with to be helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable, not just about xTuple, but about ERP in general. I like that using xTuple allowed us to implement a full-featured ERP system on-time and under budget, at approximately 40% of the cost of other ‘big name’ products. The base system did a lot of what we needed to do, and it’s been relatively easy to build the other things we needed. It is quite easy to administer, both within the GUI and on the database administrative level,”

    Keith Rauseo
    IT Manager | EMSEAL


    EMSEAL used a custom-developed manufacturing system built on a Microsoft Access platform. Since the software was unsupported, and did not include important purchasing and inventory control modules, EMSEAL management collectively decided to obtain a new fully-functional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, running on a modern, fully-supported platform, with superior performance in a Windows operating system environment.

    EMSEAL’s primary functional challenge was a need for better inventory control and integrated purchasing.

    EMSEAL has two corporate entities with a large amount of intra-company purchasing, necessitating customized data transfer capabilities. EMSEAL’s business complexity was further challenged by a multi-dimensional sales commission structure, outside the native capabilities of most ERP systems.

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