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xTuple Saves Cedarlane Natural Foods More than $50,000 Post Implementation


About Cedarlane Natural Foods

Cedarlane Natural Foods meets today’s need for wholesome home-cooked meals with a wide variety of great tasting, quick to prepare, all-natural frozen foods.


Natural Foods, Organic Foods, Fresh Foods, and Frozen Foods


  • Savings: More than $50,000 by implementing on clustered Linux servers
  • Traceability: Seamless tracking as individual ingredients with multiple lot numbers are mixed and converted to the finished product
  • Automated ordering: Paper-based invoice reconciliation was eliminated. xTuple handles thousands of electronic data interchange invoices per week and electronically invoices customers
  • Visibility: Instantaneous reconciliation of invoices and purchase orders allows viewing of the data in multiple ways
  • Better planning: Proactive inventory management with minimal operational disruption was made possible through features such as Buffer Management
  • Flexibility: xTuple software is adaptable to support a large-scale frozen foods business and their regional fresh foods delivery-based business
  • Cross-platform compatibility: “We ended up going to an all Linux system in the end, but it was xTuple that gave us the power of choice. I can actually make database transactions from my Android™ phone, using the same application we use on the wireless terminals for the warehouse,” says Baroco
“We chose xTuple, at first, for the wrong reason — price. I was intrigued by the incredible savings,” stated Baroco. “But we stayed for the right reasons. xTuple is a great product with a great company behind it.”

Daniel Baroco
IT Director | Cedarlane


Cedarlane was growing, and its manual accounting system had inadequate manufacturing, distribution and inventory capabilities. “We produce over 250 finished products, in multiple locations, from close to a thousand ingredients. Our manual business processes just couldn’t keep pace,” said Daniel Baroco, IT Director. Full traceability to original ingredients by lot number was essential.

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