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How SMEs Grow, Scale and Adapt to E-Commerce

The best manufacturing ERP for E-Comm may surprise you
Small to mid-sized manufacturers are unquestionably the backbone of the American economy; they are essential to growth, creating more than 70% of new jobs and generating more than half of our national GDP.

In the current pandemic climate, they need help to compete with larger manufacturers – particularly with e-commerce integrations that allow them to manage and sell their products online.

For nearly 20 years xTuple has been delivering enterprise resource planning solutions to small and mid-sized businesses; the company recently announced e-commerce integrations with Shopify, Woo Commerce, and ShipStation – setting a couple more seats at the big boys’ table.

Core ERP: One Platform. One Price.
A top enterprise resource planning platform is an essential asset for small to mid-sized companies, because competitors often automate with costly, complex ERP systems. Recognizing that money and time are a challenge for smaller companies – they don’t have six figures and 12 months to throw at a solution, they need cost-effective help now – xTuple developed everything manufacturers and distributors need to run their business in a simple ERP platform.

A few of the ways that xTuple ERP can speed business processes for small manufacturers:

  • Accounting – integrates with QuickBooks
  • E-Commerce – integrates with Woo Commerce, Shopify, ShipStation
  • Inventory – reports, shipping, forms, lot/serial control, transactions, and transfers
  • Manufacturing – KPI dashboard, materials, operations, shop floor, work orders, RMAs, and quoting
  • Purchasing – contract management, integrated third-party product/pricing
  • Sales Distribution – drop-ship purchasing, sales order reservations, TSE/TSP vendor pricing, and contracts
  • Sales Manufacturing – cost/margin visibility full BOM visibility, sales kits, forms/billing/reports/pricing
  • Scheduling – forecasting, MRP, production plans, utilities, reports, capacity planning
  • Products – BOM, breeder BOM, items, costing, routing, and revision controls

Automate manual data entry with accurate information – end-to-end
xTuple’s solutions are designed specifically to help small businesses compete by eliminating manual updates and duplicated data errors while increasing the speed of data exchange between the upstairs and downstairs teams.

90-days to GO LIVE
SMEs don’t have a traditional IT department, so xTuple’s 90-onboarding helps in many ways.

According to Gartner’s facts report, onboarding ERP software can cost five times the purchase price and take 15 to 27 months to integrate – and the first-time failure rate is north of 70%. Small businesses can’t afford the downtime, team members, or money for that kind of onboarding process.

xTuple’s innovative 90-days to GO LIVE – shepherded by a dedicated engineer and customer success specialist has an exceptional accelerated onboarding success rate. Once onboarded, businesses can expect increased productivity and reduced time and money spent on manual processes by up to 70%, and the elimination of siloed data.

Other ERP systems can cost double, or triple  - with no additional functionality.

Rocket science
xTuple solutions deliver a robust ERP that streamlines business processes, integrates seamlessly with e-commerce to connect with multiple shipping carriers, streamlining pulling, packing, boxing, label printing, billing, and shipping of products and tracking to its final destination.

Account managers, shipping/receiving, work order management, and billing teams are empowered to accomplish more with an end-to-end platform that eliminates duplications, errors, and delivers a unified view of your data. Migrated workflows provide team collaboration and process transparency for all shareholders.

Some companies embrace the complicated, but at xTuple, we’ve been helping small businesses grow for 20 years – and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Simple is better.

It’s not rocket science, just a straightforward, user-friendly, scalable ERP solution with all the functionality and features you need to manage your business.

Check out our Demo on Demand and explore the features and functionality of xTuple ERP and contact us to learn how you can grow, now.  

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