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How ERP Helps Medical Device Manufacturers Navigate Supply Chain Challenges

Supply Chain Concerns

Medical device manufacturers looking to remain steady in the face of supply chain disruptions and device shortages may find an enterprise resource planning solution delivers a lifeline.
Supply chain issues plague most industries and the medical device industry is no exception. The difficulties are seen on every level, from procurement to labor, sourcing, and logistics. Medical device manufacturers can use ERP to create flexible supply chains that use external data to sharpen demand and supply forecasting.
ERP can deliver visibility allows manufacturers to see what’s coming, when, and how to manage it.

Traceability for Safety & Compliance

Traceability is crucial – not only for safety, but also for manufacturing compliance. ERP solutions are equipped with robust traceability functionalities, enabling manufacturers to trace processes from raw materials to consumption and beyond.
Cloud ERP enables a quick, seamless transition between on-site and remote work. In fact, ERP makes much of the work that typically requires employees be in person to be performed remotely. Data is seamlessly and securely stored, making it available to all stakeholders whenever and wherever they need it.

Lean Manufacturing

ERP can also help lower costs, enabling a lean manufacturing model. As a medical device manufacturer, you likely face pressure to cut costs no matter the health climate. An ERP solution allows manufacturers to optimize and decrease unnecessary costs in all corners of the business, from inventory holdings, transportation and distribution, raw materials, production, and beyond.

Understand End User Challenges

Medical device manufacturers are responsible for understanding what their end-users need. In the aftermath of the pandemic, the healthcare landscape in the US is slowly but surely shifting from illness-focused care to prevention-focused. This shift requires data.
An ERP solution equips manufacturers with data analysis capabilities that collect data points and distribute them throughout the entire supply chain. Medical device manufacturers gain deeper insight into what stakeholders at every level of the supply chain need – and as those needs shift, you’ll be ready to account for them.

The state of healthcare and the medical devices necessary to promote health and knowledge-based healthcare is ever-changing. An ERP solution is an invaluable asset for medical device manufacturers looking to stay compliant with shifting regulations. ERP streamlines the real-time tracking of your people, products, processes, and profitability.


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