xTuple is dedicated to using the power of open source ERP software to help businesses of all sizes grow and prosper.

The xTuple ERP application is a client-server system: a graphical (GUI) client, and a PostgreSQL database.  If you're interested, you can read more about xTuple technology, or our thinking about web clients and interfaces.

There are Five editions of the software. All editions use the same client software--only the database is different. All application business logic resides in the database, and all three editions are based on the same core code. That means upgrading from PostBooks to Standard or Manufacturing Edition is as simple as running a two-minute script on your database.
PostBooks Edition
The PostBooks Edition of xTuple ERP is our entry-level offering, available completely free and open source, and suitable for small businesses of all kinds. It includes full financials; robust CRM; sales and purchasing; financial and ad-hoc reporting; and lightweight inventory, manufacturing and distribution.
Standard Edition
xTuple ERP Standard Edition is a midrange commercial offering, which adds advanced inventory control, warehousing, and other features to the core package. It's a great option for distributors, retailers, light manufacturers, and anyone else who would prefer commercially licensed software.

Project Edition
The Project Edition of xTuple is an excellent solution for professional services companies, non-profit groups who need fund accounting, as well as manufacturers or distributors with advanced project accountingrequirements. 

Manufacturing Edition
The xTuple ERP applications all started with OpenMFG (now called Manufacturing Edition), our original award-winning ERP suite first released in 2002. Today, the Manufacturing Edition of xTuple ERP is our premium commercial offering, recommended for manufacturing companies in both discrete and batch process production; make to order, make to stock, or mixed-mode; even job shops and engineer-to-order.

Enterprise Edition

The ultimate solution for a growing business.

The Enterprise Edition of xTuple ERP includes all of the functionality available in both the free and open source PostBooks core, and the commercially licensed Project,Standard, and Manufacturing Editions.

All editions are built on the same code base; all three run equally well on Windows, Linux, and Mac - and are fully internationalized (multi-currency, support for multiple tax structures, and multilingual translation packs maintained by our global community). All three contain a full copy of OpenRPT, the open source report writer also created and maintained by xTuple.

And whether it's the free PostBooks Edition or the commercially licensed editions, you get the full application source code (client and server). You can participate in the ongoing improvement and development of the software as much as you like. Best of all, xTuple will manage that multi-product community development process so that all companies - regardless of how technical they might be - can benefit from the open source way of doing things.

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