xTupleCommerce - eCommerce for the Enterprise

eCommerce ("Enterprise Commerce") for Your Website

xTupleCommerce gives your business and retail customers direct access to order from your catalog, so they can serve themselves day or night, from anywhere in the world.

Today’s competitive environment can be a bewildering mix of big competition, low prices, and even lower margins. The ability to streamline business processes and reduce overhead — while increasing sales — is critical for businesses of all sizes. Attain these goals through effective use of innovative and integrated technology — with xTupleCommerce.


Many businesses today have a detached eCommerce system working in parallel with their enterprise applications. While this was once a reasonable remedy for an online marketplace, it is no longer a sustainable – or profitable – solution. Why? How?

  1. Exceed consumer expectations: Now set by Amazon and other online behemoths who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars, small- and mid-sized businesses must employ new ways to compete online. Information, such as order history, order status, favorite lists, in-stock quantities, return/replace, payment options, etc., and speed of fulfillment are critical to positive, repeated customer interactions — and impossible without a tightly integrated business solution.
  2. Inspire customer loyalty: Quick, efficient order processing is critical for any online business. Disconnected solutions require double entry of inventory from the ERP to the website and double entry of sales orders from the website to the ERP — both inefficient and mistake prone. A worst case scenario is for a customer to order, checkout and pay for a product, only to learn the item is out of stock. With so many online places to buy, frustrated customers will simply not visit a site again. Only a fully integrated system eliminates costly errors while increasing the organization's effectiveness.
  3. Increase sales and profitability: Providing customers with easy access to accurate, well organized information, flexible pricing schedules and timely fulfillment ensures they will continue to use an eCommerce site. Additionally, simple content creation tools, such as FAQs, Blogs and Reviews, expand a business’ reach by improving their placement in search results among the major search engines.

A fully integrated, turnkey eCommerce and ERP system empowers any organization to manage the complex requirements of online business, while using the data generated within the system to enhance customer service, cross-sell products and drive more sales.

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How to buy xTupleCommerce

Shopping Cart and Content Management System (CMS) infrastructure integrated with the xTuple ERP database and existing company website.

xTupleCommerce (license only) — $17,250

  • xTuple ERP Business Objects available to the website
    • CRM — Account, Contact, Address, Characteristic
    • Sales — Customer, Pricing Schedules, Sales Order, Sales Order Line, Sales Order Payment, Sales Rep, Sale Type, ShipTo, RemitTo, ShipVia, Shipping Charge, Shipping Zone, Terms, Standard Order, Invoice, Invoice Line, Currency, Credit Card Payment, Characteristic, Unit of Measure
    • Product/Inventory — Item, Item Group, Class Code, Product Category, Shipment, Site (Warehouse), Characteristic, Freight Class, Unit of Measure
  • Technical support, design assistance, or professional services not included


xTupleCommerce Basic Solution — $22,250

  • Above xTuple ERP Business Objects, plus the following services:
  • Every page - basic template, links from existing customer website (if applicable), company logo
  • Three (3) hours of design assistance
  • Home Page and core website functionality
    • Basic Search/Browse
    • Featured Products
    • About Us, Contact Us, Map
    • Sign In/Register
  • Product Detail Pages
    • Full descriptions generated from ERP
    • Images / specs / documents
    • Quantity to order
  • Shopping Cart
    • Add/Remove, Quantity
    • Auto Re-order
    • Shipped or Pick-up
    • Saved carts / Favorites
    • Fast Order Entry
  • Customer account setup
    • Multiple Addresses
    • Shipping Method, Payment Method
    • Order Review, Order History, Order Status
    • Change Account Settings


xTupleCommerce Premium Solution — $32,250

  • All above, plus integration of company brand identity throughout the eCommerce site, consisting of color palette integration, custom fonts, iconography, etc.
  • Advanced (faceted) Search
  • Real-time inventory availability
  • Ten (10) hours of design assistance


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