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Features by Edition

Compare the functionality found in xTuple's products here. Costs for licenses, service and support are covered on our pricing page. Use these tips to analyze the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your software. xTuple is ERP for Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile platforms.

World currency imagePricing information for commercial licenses of xTuple software is shown in the table below, with a calculator to easily compare your choices. The free and open source xTuple PostBooks® may be downloaded and installed without any license fee, of course, however support and services are available only for a commercially-licensed installation.

Choose from dedicated xTuple ERP Editions for Distribution and Manufacturing, as well as the premium Enterprise Edition that includes all available xTuple modules and several advanced add-on offerings. Compare Editions by feature to choose the best software for your business needs.

You have a choice of commercial licenses - an annual subscription (similar to a rental model) or a perpetual license to the software. And, uniquely among ERP providers, with either license you can deploy xTuple on-site, in your choice of hosting environment, or in xTuple’s own Cloud service (powered by Amazon.com).

For new customers, we offer a complimentary 90-day deployment in the xTuple Cloud, so you can evaluate and pilot the software. It's the easiest and most cost-effective way to get started - and if you want to move your server somewhere else at any time, you have that option. (Not available with other cloud-based ERP)

xTuple PostBooks®Accounting, CRM and ERP

PostBooks® is a full-featured, fully-integrated business management system, the core of the award winning xTuple ERP Suite. Built to run in the cloud or on a local server, it provides the ultimate in power and flexibility for a range of businesses and industries of any size.

xTuple Distribution EditionGrowing Your Distribution Business Made Easy

The Distribution Edition of xTuple is a fully-integrated end-to-end software system for companies with more sophisticated inventory control needs. It contains everything in the open source PostBooks® Edition, plus additional enterprise-class functionality specifically for distributors and light manufacturers.

xTuple ManufacturingProfessional ERP for Manufacturers and Distributors

The Manufacturing Edition of xTuple is a fully-integrated end-to-end software system for make-to-order, make-to-stock, and mixed-mode manufacturers. It contains everything in the open source PostBooks® and the xTuple Distribution Edition, plus additional enterprise-class functionality specifically for manufacturers.

xTuple Enterprise EditionThe ultimate solution for your growing business

The Enterprise Edition of xTuple ERP includes all of the functionality available in both the free and open source PostBooks® core product and the commercially licensed Distribution and Manufacturing Editions. Plus xTuple Connect, our powerful outside systems and email integration platform; Fixed Assets Depreciation and Maintenance packages; xTuple Project Accounting; Enhanced Commissions; and a 50% discount on any tier of our xTuple Network (XTN) as well as xTuple Server and Mobile Web solution, and xTuple Business Intelligence. xTupleCommerce Web Portal core, for others' interaction with you through your website, is available to Enterprise users at a discount.