xTuple Mobile vs Desktop

Use xTuple via Desktop and Mobile WebWhat is the difference between xTuple’s Mobile Web and classic Desktop clients? Now use xTuple ERP two ways.

The Mobile Web client is the HTML5 interface to your xTuple ERP database. Free Trial users and customers of the xTuple Cloud Service use this to access their database with a Web browser on a desktop computer, or any modern tablet or smartphone.

The Mobile Web app includes the CRM (Corporate Relationship Management), Sales and Project modules of xTuple ERP and more. Our development team is hard at work, transitioning all modules of xTuple ERP to this mobile-friendly interface.

The Desktop client is software you download and operate on your local computer, which provides access to all features of xTuple ERP.

Download the Desktop client software for free from xTuple's Free Trial page.

Best of all, use xTuple ERP on Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.

Both the Mobile Web application and the classic Desktop software enable you to connect to xTuple databases - such as a Free Trial account - in the xTuple Cloud.

Start simply with one module, such as CRM or Sales, or use all of xTuple ERP immediately. Use both interfaces at the same time - or separately - since they are fully interoperable, and both are fully supported by xTuple. Office-bound users can work with the familiar Desktop client, while sales people can now manage and enrich their customer and prospect relationships from tablets or smartphones – on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.


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