xSG - "x" and Approved Vendors

The use of the “x” as shown in the xTuple “shine” logo is reserved for xTuple corporate use only — for example, in social media, xTuple promotional products and in marketing materials (which may be co-branded with xTuple Partners). For quality purposes, xTuple reserves the right to approve any vendors using the xTuple logo.

xTuple x logo

Approved vendor example is the xTuple Company Store courtesy of Lands’ End http://ces.landsend.com/xTuple

xTuple has already paid the logo set-up fee, therefore, in addition to the cost of merchandise selected, you only pay the embroidery fee. The following “X” and “xTuple” logos are available:

Lands End x xTuple logo


"x" Logo Number: 1266343W
"x" Logo Size:  2.00 x 1.44




Lands End xTuple

"xTuple" Logo Number:  1239294W
"xTuple" Logo Size:  3.60 x 1.01






Any other usage should be submitted for approval to xTuple Marketing Team.