xSG - Color

Color is key in keeping the company style identity consistent. The Blue and Orange serve as anchor points. The primary and secondary color palette is inspired by the xTuple “shine” logo. The gradient in the signature allows for many shades of the colors listed. While the primary color palette is the basis for print and web usage, other shades of the primary color palette have been used based on specific needs. Other color variations based on the primary color palette are to be created by and/or approved by xTuple Marketing.


xTuple Colors   


60C/51M/51Y/20K          102R/102G/102B      #666666      gray1

100C/100M/14Y/12K      36R/19G/123B          #24137b      blue1

0C/74M/96Y/0K              255R/102G/0B          #ff6600       orange1



100C/92M/14Y/03K        41R/57G/134B          #293986      blue2

100C/85M/08Y/01K        44R/69G/145B          #2c4591      blue3

89C/0M/04Y/0K              43R/181G/233B        #2bb5e9      blue4

08C/06M/06Y/0K            230R/230G/230B      #e6e6e6      grey2

0C/59M/89Y/0K              249R/133G/48B        #f98530      orange2

0C/80M/94Y/0K              239R/89G/30B          #ef591e      orange3





Any other usage should be submitted for approval to xTuple Marketing Team.