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Yahoo Store Integration


Import your Yahoo Store order information into your xTuple ERP database.

If you have a Yahoo Store (now know as a "Yahoo Merchant Solution"), and you'd like to import your order information into your xTuple ERP database, we can help!

We developed the Yahoo store integration in 2007 as a working example of how to use the then-new XML import feature in xTuple ERP. The package is designed to help a merchant who uses a Yahoo store front to export XML from the store, and import it into xTuple via the XML import utility. It includes a DTD for translating the Yahoo store XML output into a format suitable for importing into xTuple. This translation requires an xslt translator program. The package includes xalan, an xslt program for Windows users. Mac users will find that xsltproc is already installed as part of Mac OS X.

For details about this solution, see Yahoo Store Integration.

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