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Ubercart xml export for xTuple


Setup your Drupal/Ubercart store and import orders into xTuple

If you would like to set up a Drupal/Ubercart store and import orders into xTuple, we offer a Drupal module called uc_xtuple_edi. We modified an Ubercart module called uc_edi, which was created by Ryan Szama, to export an xml file of customer and order information from Ubercart that can be imported into xTuple ERP.

To use this module, you'll need to have the following applications running on your web server:

The download we are distributing includes the Drupal Module and a README file that describes the settings you'll need to use. Instructions for using the uc_xtuple_edi module can also be found in our docs section.

The official uc_edi module is maintained by ezra-g and is available at Drupal.org, but the official distribution of the module on Drupal.org has not been updated to work with Drupal 6.x, yet. The version we are distributing is based on contributions from many developers, including rzama, jrust, ezra-g, and our own developers.  You'll need our version of the module if you want to export a valid xml file that you can import into xTuple.

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