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xTuple osCommerce Module


Connect your osCommerce store with xTuple ERP.

osCommerce is a widely-used open source application for running eCommerce web sites (learn more at the osCommerce web site). The xTuple osCommerce Module (xOM) uses the xTuple API to send order and payment information directly from osCommerce to an xTuple ERP database. That means you can now set up a fully-functional web store and connect it to our leading ERP and accounting system, all using free, open source software!

The module comes in the form of a zip archive that contains modified versions of some core osCommerce files. The instructions for installation are contained in the readme file in the archive, but the short version is:

  • Install osCommerce (we developed using 2.2 RC2, so must be that version for now)
  • Install PostBooks 3.2.2
  • Overwrite some core osCommerce files with the modified files in the zip archive
  • Follow the configuration instructions
  • Profit!

We're offering this product for free in an "as is" form. We hope you'll download it, use it, modify it, talk about it, etc.

You can read more about how to configure the xTuple osCommerce Module on our community site. If you'd like some help from us to integrate with osCommerce with xTuple ERP for a production store, we recommend you purchase our bundle of prepaid Expert Consulting. This will help you get through any tough issues that might arise. For free help you may try our forums.

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