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Fixed Asset Maintenance


Fixed Asset Maintenance

The Fixed Asset Maintenance extension package builds on the free Fixed Asset register package and brings the concepts of Planned and Preventive Maintenance to the xTuple ERP system.

This package is designed to allow organizations to plan maintenance into the future and schedule preventative maintenance on Assets. The unthinkable always happens so Unplanned Maintenance is also covered in this package.

Maintenance Orders are created either automatically (via the scheduler) or manually for each Asset. Detailed work instructions can be entered as well as inclusion of maintenance parts required on this order. When the order is completed, parts are expensed thereby reducing inventory of those parts and also posting the expense to the General Ledger in order to track maintenance costs.

Detailed history of maintenance scheduled and performed on each asset is included in a screen in the Fixed Asset.

Please note: automatic scheduling of Planned Maintenance Orders is done using the xtConnect package.

When you purchase Fixed Asset Maintenance you will receive a file called FixedAssetMaintenance-1.5.2.zip, which includes the following components:

  • Fixed Asset Maintenance package (assetmaint-1.5.2.gz)
  • Free Fixed Asset package (asset-1.5.1.gz)

Note: The Maintenance package requires the free Fixed Asset package (at least version 1.2.3) to be previously installed. The Fixed Asset packages require xTuple version 3.6 and upward.

To install the Fixed Asset package files (which have a .gz extension), you'll need to use the free Updater application. You can read tips for using the Updater on xTuple.org.

To get support for Fixed Assets, please use the Fixed Assets support forum here: http://www.xtuple.org/forum/167.

Those purchasing this module are entitled to ongoing free maintenance for the life of this version. If you have purchased an earlier version of the package and wish to receive an update, please contact us.

Price: $495.00