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Fixed Asset Mobility


Extend the Fixed Asset Package

The Fixed Asset Mobility package extends the Fixed Asset package for xTuple while leveraging the mobility of iTuple to provide valuable asset management features including asset labeling, more specific asset locations, asset-location mapping, check-out and check-in of assets and auditing. When coupled with a Linea-Pro scanner, assets and locations are easily identified by iTuple with a simple barcode scan. Mobile functions are supported on the back end by a variety of settings and reports. 

Components and Prerequisites 

The following hardware and software are required to install and use the Fixed Asset Mobility package: 

xTuple 3.7.1 (or better) database and client. 

Updater 2.2.4 (or better). Updater is available at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/postbooks/files/06%20PostBooks-updater 

Fixed Asset package available at: http://www.xtuple.com/xchange/product/fixed-assets

One or more iPods and/or iPhones. 

iTuple, available from the Apple App Store. 

A compatible Linea-Pro scanner for each iPod or iPhone on which you want to scan barcodes. These scanners are available from Paladin Logic.

Price: $495.00