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ERP Calendar


ERP Calendar

View and access key business activities with this integrated visual calendar for the xTuple application. The ERP Calendar is an installable extension that enhances the xTuple client to give you a Day/Week/Month view of Orders, Payments, Incidents, To Dos and more.

Click here to view demo of ERP Calendar. See also Madrigal – the mobile port for Apple and Android tablets connecting to PostBooks Desktop client.

Configure the types of activities you want to view on the Calendar and jump directly to each activity directly from the Calendar screen.To the left is a sidebar through which you can choose which user’s calendar to display and what kinds of events to show. At the bottom of the sidebar is an Overdue section, which lists overdue events (work orders, sales orders, tasks, etc.). We will cover this section of the screen in more depth in the Users Guide (included with purchase).

At the top of the screen is a Refresh button. If you change the options in the sidebar, you will need to click Refresh to update the calendar display. Beside the Refresh button is the sidebar disclosure button. This shows or hides the sidebar. Any changes you make to the sidebar (whether or not it is visible, which events to show, and whose calendar to display) are saved from session to session.

There are multiple advanced calendar filter options available to you in the sidebar.

At the top of the advanced filter section you can choose the user whose calendar and calendar items you wish to view. Alternately, you can choose to view the calendars and items for all users.

The middle section is broken down into four main areas of interest:

Task Management: this includes items which must be completed, such as Projects, ToDo items, and Work Orders

Sales: this includes sales related items such as Sales Orders and Shipments

Accounting: this includes payment-related items (payments to and from the company)

Purchasing: this includes Purchase Requests and Purchase Orders

At the bottom of the section there is a display for Overdue items. Any overdue items that match the advanced filter options will be displayed here. Select any combination and number of checkboxes for which you wish to view due and overdue items. Once your desired filter options are set, click Refresh to see the results displayed.

The ERP Calendar is compatible with xTuple ERP version 3.7.4 and higher. Your purchase includes a file called ixtcal.gz, which must be installed in xTuple using the Updater application. 

You will also receive a printable PDF version of the Product Guide for the ERP Calendar with your purchase.

Click here to view demo of ERP Calendar.

Price: $49.00