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Catch Weight Enhancement Package


Catch Weight Enhancement

xTuple has developed an expansion to the software to assist distributors and manufacturers who require catch weight measurement of weight per case. This is a common requirement of businesses that ship and receive fresh and frozen foods, so this extension makes xTuple ERP an extremely good fit for food distribution and manufacturing businesses.

xTuple Catch Weight“Catch weight” refers to scenarios in which a distributor stocks an item according to an inventory unit of measure (UOM), such as a case, and prices the item according to a unit price UOM, such as pounds or kilograms. For catch weight items, each container of the item may have a different weight, and the actual weight of the cases must be recorded at various points so that an accurate price is determined.

This enhancement makes it possible to record an actual weight as containers are received from vendors and when they are issued and shipped to customers. it is necessary to account for both the number of containers, which normally serve as a quantity ordered, while also capturing the actual weight, as the value of these transactions are based on weight rather than quantity.

More information may be found on the specification page: http://www.xtuple.org/developer-zone/specifications/catch-weight

Price: $7,500.00