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Title Description Price
xWD Product Guide xTuple Wholesale Distribution Product Guide Comprehensive reference document for xWD, vital for Wholesale Distribution. 4.0.0 $20.00
Fixed Assets Product Guide: Cover Fixed Assets Product Guide Learn about managing Fixed Asset packages in your business with this downloadable guide. Docs & Forms (PDF) $20.00
xTuple Upgrade Guide Designed to guide you through best practices for upgrading your xTuple ERP system. Docs & Forms (PDF) $10.00
Sales History by Sales Rep based on AR SalesHistoryBySalesRep based on AR. This report pays commission at time of customer payment not at... 3.1.0 $0.00
GL Transactions (acceptable for IRS audit) GLTransactions Report -> acceptable to IRS for Audit. This report was customized to accomodate a... Reports & Definitions (XML) $0.00
AP 3-Part Check Format 3-part check format with the check at the top and the documentation in subsequent two parts. Accounting $0.00
Print Uninvoiced Returns A report for "Unapplied Returns". Changed all of the rcv's to rejects in the "... Reports & Definitions (XML) $0.00
International Check Report Definition This is report definition is an adaptation of the existing CheckMultPage check report definition.... 3.0.0 $0.00
PO Showing Alternate Address This is a version of the standard Purchase Order that prints the Alternate Address selected by... 3.2.1 $0.00
Activity by Item Report This report shows activity by Item on a date-driven basis. Inventory Control $0.00