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Title Description Price
Arena Solutions/BOM Control Integration Cloud-based solution for bill of materials and change management. Purchasing $5,000.00
xTuple Connect xTuple Connect Automate scheduled jobs and reports in xTuple and manage data exchanges with outside systems. Purchasing $1,995.00
Bank Relationship Management System Manage & execute bank agreements, account for overhead costs incurred and more. Purchasing $1,770.00
Advanced Purchasing Authorization: cover Advanced Purchasing Authorization Add comprehensive purchasing authorities in xTuple ERP. Purchasing $250.00
xTuple eBook Reference Guide Designed as screen-by-screen reference for anyone using xTuple ERP applications. Purchasing $195.00
Paladin Logic Ltd.'s ERP Calendar powered by xTuple ERP ERP Calendar View and access key business activities with an integrated visual calendar for xTuple. Purchasing $49.00
Expense Request for Non-Inventory Items Add screens for Expense Requests, i.e., the purchase of a non-inventory item. Purchasing $0.00
Custom Pre-Printed Check format xTuple now offers pre-printed checks! This report definition is intended to work with the pre-... Purchasing $0.00
PO Showing Alternate Address This is a version of the standard Purchase Order that prints the Alternate Address selected by... Purchasing $0.00
xTuple CRM Desktop xTuple Desktop Independent download of xTuple Desktop, installed by default in version 3.5.1 and higher. Purchasing $0.00