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Title Description Price
xTuple Connect Product Guide Instructions for running xTuple Connect, automating connections between xTuple and other software (... Accounting $20.00
GL Transactions (acceptable for IRS audit) GLTransactions Report -> acceptable to IRS for Audit. This report was customized to accomodate a... Accounting $0.00
AP 3-Part Check Format 3-part check format with the check at the top and the documentation in subsequent two parts. Accounting $0.00
International Check Report Definition This is report definition is an adaptation of the existing CheckMultPage check report definition.... Accounting $0.00
Report for Pre-Printed 1099 Forms Select vendors who will receive 1099 forms; the report definition lays out data so it prints... Accounting $0.00
Custom Pre-Printed Check format xTuple now offers pre-printed checks! This report definition is intended to work with the pre-... Accounting $0.00
Time and Expense Pro Screens Time and Expense Essential tool for professional service businesses to track time and expenses - and manage by... Accounting $0.00
xTuple CRM Desktop xTuple Desktop Independent download of xTuple Desktop, installed by default in version 3.5.1 and higher. Accounting $0.00
Fixed Assets Register your fixed assets, including type/class, location and associated transactions. Accounting $0.00